Uncharted 2 Leads Nominees for AIAS Awards

Uncharted 2's 15 nominations lead all games up for honors at the Interactive Achievement Awards, given by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Assassin's Creed II and Batman: Arkham Asylum also are among the multiple nominees, announced Thursday

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callahan093218d ago

The only category that I disagree with is Action Game of the Year. How the hell did they nominate Red Faction & Prototype but not Killzone 2 & InFamous? InFamous was way better than Prototype. Killzone 2 was better than all of them. It really baffles me. Red Faction was decent, but Prototype wasn't very good at all. InFamous and Killzone 2 were both fantastic games.

Ravage273218d ago

Prototype doesn't deserves that honor,that game has too many flaws and is hands down the worst game i've played last year. RedFaction managed to be innovative and fun at the same time and i'll be hoping that it wins the Action category.

i've no doubt UC2 will sweep up most of the awards, but it will be great to see Demon's Souls get some recognition. FromSoftware really deserves it

Christopher3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I would have been pissed if U2 hadn't won for Art Direction. Screw technical elements and gameplay, they took so much care to create great environments with so much detail and interaction in the type of game that it is that they deserve all the recognition. For me, a game like U2 really wins me over with the art direction, which to me is one of the best ways you prove your love of the game by the painstaking detail in which you design the world in which your game takes place. If a game doesn't have that, right away I'm put off and feel like the game's focus wasn't from the heart.

This is why I've been so hard on Halo: Reach. I want them to prove to me their love by really making the world the best it can be rather than just an open world shooting fest. Show you love by putting your finger on every part of the world, not just on the creatures in it.

And, yeah, gotta agree with your prototype assessment. The controls and overall gameplay in prototype infuriated me, detracting from the overall gameplay too much. That and all this talk about being able to accomplish missions in various ways was total bollocks for 3/4 of the game.

poe3218d ago

Well I have to say I can see why Red Faction was in there. It was definitely one of the best MP experiences of the year.

eagle213218d ago

Uncharted 2: Among GOTY's :)

CaliGamer3218d ago

Rightly so, it's a phenomenal game.

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