Joystiq interview: Hal Milton, lead designer, The Agency

Joystiq caught up with The Agency's Hal Milton recently, between secret missions and long hours up in Seattle where he's hard at work on this new MMO/RPG/CIA/FBI/U.N.C.L.E. title.

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drtysouf214773d ago

I really want to give this game a try can't wait till its released.

Maddens Raiders4773d ago

agreed with what you just said. Looks fun and the artwork I saw last week looked surprisingly delicious. Of course, I really want something else to get into right now which wouldn't hurt either. =]

drtysouf214773d ago

When this gets released we'll have to join teams.

Blasphemy4773d ago

Just got added to my most wanted list.


I must admit, when I first heard "MMO" I was dissapointed, but the more I read, the more intrigue sets in, They've got me, I'm ready to play it now. Let's GO

drtysouf214773d ago

Thats how i felt since i've never played an MMO but i will give this one a try.

Blasphemy4773d ago

Mmos can be very fun but they can also be very time consuming. It will be interesting to see how they put their take on a spy mmo. I have played mmos in the past like final fanatasy xi and wow but I could not imagine a spy mmo. Can't wait to actually play this.

highps34772d ago

Pretty ironic they are choosing PC and Ps3...