Mass Effect 2 DLC not only available through Cerberus Network

The announcement of Mass Effect 2's in-game DLC pipeline, "Cerberus Network," left some details unclear. For example, will DLC through Cerberus be free, since the network itself costs money to install for those without a code from a new copy of the game? And will DLC only be available through Cerberus?

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BeaArthur3217d ago

I think the cerberus network is a good idea. I would like to see more developers include a special code for DLC which would require everyone to buy new copies if they wanted the DLC. Bioware got it half right; I still don't like the idea of paid DLC (and probably never will) but at least this is a good trend to start.

Myst3217d ago

Yeah and the interview certainly cleared it up a bit ( at least for me ) thought it was all going to be free, but I can live with paying for some and then getting the others free. So long as they make the DLC that you pay for worth while. Such as making sure that it's worth the price amount that they have chosen.

Montrealien3217d ago

They will give us some good stuff with the initial cerberus which everyone who buys the game gets. Right now though they only let us go see the Normandy`s crash site. Can`t get armor or the merc. I can`t even get my dragon armor yat!

Allowen3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

If you want your dragon armor you need to have Dragon Age digital deluxe version.
With that the dlc to get blood armor will be free for ME2 but you need this cerebus thing also and it seems a good idea to also get the deluxe version of this game as well on Steam Store.

It is not funny to see the xbox360 version beeing hell more expensive (since you get no real DLC for free like in the PC version )when you compare to the digital deluxe version sold at Steam and D2D sites.

Nihilism3216d ago

No you don't, the blood dragon armour came with every single copy of dragon age, be it the digital, digital C.E, retail version, or C.E retail version

3216d ago