Free Shadowrun tips Video

Chris Paladino has kindly offered up some Shadowrun tips with video on the frees. In the video, he plays a Dwarf, and in this particular round, focuses on defense, and shows the art of Quick Casting.

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closedxxx4236d ago

Don't buy Shadowrun... It's a cheap looking, feeling, playing game. It's like a bad mix of CounterStrike and UT...
Do you think those two games should be mashed together?

Diselage4236d ago

Have you played it? It's fun, how about not spreading around what you hear and spread around what you experience.

closedxxx4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Unlike many here, I give my opinion on games I've played... I currently have Shadowrun (Gamerang Rental). Feel free to check my gamercard ( archa1c ) later, I'd be happy to get online a pop it in.

VirusE4236d ago

I personally think its an amazing game.... if you can get in a good group. The problem is the game is made for team work and a good portion of live is against such an idea. If you like to run off on your own and do your own thing you will not like this game.

JUSTaGAME4236d ago

I'd actually rather play Perfect Dark Zero than Shadowrun. I downloaded the demo. Thought it was lame

THX71684236d ago

You actually enjoy Perfect Dark Zero?

I guess you enjoy playing mediocre games with horrible graphics and even worse game play.

Rhezin4236d ago

ya I'm actually thinking about returning mine, it get's really old after awhile.

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