Fallen Earth Available On Torrent

Fallen Earth fans will be glad to learn that the game's client is now available via torrent.

Developers also announced that former players can return to the game for 10 days, free of charge.

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Maticus3192d ago

Handy for quicker downloads I guess, the 10 day free trial is good too - should bring some new people in, as well as attract old ones back.

Malfurion3192d ago

This game isn't half bad, it deserves a second chance now the graphics are a million times better and there's more to do than when it launched

Redrudy3192d ago

10 day trials are very effective, Blizzard have been running a nearly constant 10 day free trial.

Elven63192d ago

It's easier for Blizzard to subsidize the trials than it is other companies, especially those MMO companies who don't have a very high install base.

cyguration3192d ago

is the real f'n deal.

It's almost worth a monthly subscription. The FPS mechanics are better than expected but the melee could still use some fine tuning.

LtSkittles3192d ago

Is it like Fo3 without V.A.T.S.?

3192d ago