Unreal Engine maxed out: Maps from the development kit reveal enhanced lighting

PCGH shows 20 screenshots for the recently released January Unreal Development Kit that are said to show the enhanced lighting that has been introduced with the UDK update.

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dirthurts3190d ago

It is running on the Unreal this is obviously possible. Probably not on current consoles, but computers or next gen consoles shouldn't be a problem.

GUNS N SWORDS3190d ago

and this is suppose to be viewed as ugly or dated?
if you look at it games that go above that detail are in short supply.

Elven63190d ago

Keep in mind that not much is being shown on the screen, you might not get the same level of visuals if you had a intense Gears of War or Unreal Tournament moment for instance.

Kalowest3190d ago

Those pics look like GeoW in the desert.

Gigalol3190d ago

Gears of war 3 confirmed.

3189d ago