Battle of the Final Fantasy XIII Theme Songs: Leona Lewis vs. Sayuri Sugawara

When Final Fantasy XIII hits U.S. shores in March, it'll have a different theme song than its Japanese counterpart. Leona Lewis' "My Hands" is the official anthem for the North American and European releases while Sayuri Sugawara serenades players of the already-released Japanese version with "Kimi ga Iru Kara" ("Because You're Here").

As far as which song is better, can any sane person make a case for Leona? Her song doesn't seem to fit the game at all. To even the scales, Ms. Sugawara should've been allowed to sing "I See You" for the Japanese print of Avatar.

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Pozzle3217d ago

I might get a few 'Disagrees" for this, but I think Leona Lewis has the stronger (dare I say, better?) voice. Sayuri Sugawara's voice is rather 'generic J-pop' ish. IMO Square Enix could have picked a more well-known and unique Japanese singer to sing the theme song.


Sugawara's song easily suits FFXIII better. Lewis' song was neither written for FFXIII or composed by the FFXIII team, so it simply doesn't fit.

Simon_Brezhnev3217d ago

they both actually sound good even though Leona Lewis sound a lot like Mariah Carey

toaster3217d ago

I don't think Square should have had 2 versions of the theme. I prefer the Japanese one, though Leona Lewis does do an ok job but it just doesn't fit and feels so out of place.

Chris3993217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

She's a classy, young woman with a stellar voice.

And her song makes sense for the Westernization that they are pushing for with XIII.

I'm more concerned about whether or not I'll like all the changes to the game. The song is fine, imo.

P.S. This is all coming from a Japanophile btw. I'm listening to Bonnie Pink as we speak.

Myst3217d ago

Well at least Lewis-San followed the theme of love in her's like Sugawara-San. Main difference I can see and hear is that Lewis-San basically sings of a lost one and Sugawara-San sings of one still close. Though I think most people ( who haven't analyzed the lyrics ) May just very well like it because it can't be understood through our conventional means and thus need subtitles. As I am the same way with Anime preferring subs over English dubs.

Eh, but that's beside the point. If one knows Japanese and sits here and listens to both they might like both. I know a little and I honestly gave Lewis-San a chance, I kind of like her song. Doesn't fit in to well; but just think it could be worse.

robotnik3217d ago

I hate this kind of music, guess I will be muting the sound while they play! Or maybe I will go take a dump.

IrishAssa3217d ago

I think the music in the JP one sounds ALOT better