Crunch and overtime 'a complex, destructive issue'

Passion for delivering quality entertainment is just one of the many reasons that crunch and overtime exists, says this week's Jury, as a host of developers explained how the issue is far more complex than what can be said in an anonymous inflammatory blog post.

In fact, David Amor – creative director of Relentless Software, a studio with a reputation for eliminating crunch and – was one of the first to express how complicated the issue is.

"I used to think that crunching would always have a negative effect on staff turnover and studio morale, but now I believe it's more complex than that: sometimes crunch will bring a team together, sometimes it's exciting," he said.

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...therein lies the problem... most workers... AREN'T compensated for it... instead, they're forced to work with the looming threat of being replaced if they don't perform over their heads...