Booth Babes Speak Out About Mistreatment

Anyone who's ever done promotional modeling, waited tables or really even just delivered cocktails to other humans can relate to much of the material of these confessions. What's most shocking is the commenters defending chauvinistic treatment as appropriate in said conditions. Look, unless you are literally paying the lady specifically to engage in sexual rapport with you (i.e. a call girl, an exotic dancer giving a lap dance), which perhaps accounts for .0005% of male-female interactions, you are not to assume said sexual rapport is a part of that girl's job description no matter what she's wearing (it's worth mentioning that crossing pre-set boundaries with sex workers - like from agreed-upon flirting to not-in-the-job-description getting handsy - is another epidemic in which some men often seem unable to respect the limitations of the woman's job description. Stop it!).
Point blank; it's NEVER OK to treat another person disrespectfully. Is that complicated?

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Blaze9293218d ago

then stop doing the job. simple. You willingly take an offer for a job called "booth babe" don't play that crap. go to school, get a degree, then go get a real damn job

moe843218d ago

"go to school, get a degree, then go get a real damn job"
Most of them actually do or did go to school. Some get paid, a lot. More so than you. 100% sure of that. Your comment proves it, otherwise you wouldn't have said anything.

AridSpider3217d ago

Blaze actually makes a good point. If they so called did go to school why aren't they working in that profession? I doubt you can get a major in Booth-babeology. He's right, get a real damn job if they don't like it so much.

I actually don't see your logic moe in comparing this to Blaze's income and "otherwise you wouldn't have said anything".

He's 100% right. They sell their looks and sex for a title under "booth babe". If they don't even respect themselves enough to go out and get a real damn profession then why should others.

ally123453217d ago

I doubt being a booth babe is their official job. They probably do have proper jobs for every other day of the year. At least I hope they do.

Jsynn73218d ago

I understand where their coming from but you have to accept that, if your at a convention type event with mostly guys and your a half naked hot chick, your going to get stared at/hit on by them no matter if your intentions are just to lure them to your assigned booth. That's just guys in general. This chick mentions she was asked by a guy if she came with the car. I'm sure he knew she didn't really come with the car but that was a lame attempt on hitting on her. Taking that seriously is just silly. As long as the guys in question aren't saying extremely disrespectful things, noticeably touching themselves while talking to them, or grabbing them without permission, then these "booth babe" shouldn't be making such a fuss. Really, if you don't want to deal with that, find a new job.

Solidus187-SCMilk3218d ago

She says "Also, because we’re not dumb, we know that one of the reasons we’re there is exactly because we’re attractive and direct your attention to whatever we’re standing next to. I don’t object to being a sex symbol. I object to objectification. When you ask me, even in jest, 'Do you come with the car?', do you know what you are implying? Let me fill you in: that I am nothing more than an accessory to be bought, like 20-inch rims or a stereo upgrade. It’s not cute, it’s degrading."

HAHAHhA dont objectify her? Its in the job description. THE ONLY REASON SHES THERE IS BECAUSE SHE IS AN OBJECT: TITS, AZZ, and VAge.

They didnt get her for her personality or video game knowledge.

She complains some guy asksd her :if she comes with the car." Really>?

Thats just some lame old Ice breaker line a nerd would use, not some sleazy pickup line taht should offend her.


Ive know alot of girls who were bartenders and they have to put up with much worse, from sleazy drunk people than some corny ice breaker line a nerd used on a booth girl.

I bet if BRAD pit walked up and said "SPREAD YOUR legs YOU DIRTY LITTLE [email protected]" she would be ok with it, but if a nerd talks to her she flips out.

ally123453217d ago

Ouch. Bit harsh don't you think?

moe843218d ago

If the girls don't like being treated like a toy.. rethink your employment options. Sex sells, and that's what you're there for. If someone ever physically assaults you, regardless if you're in a bikini or a nun outfit, they need to be dealt with. And unless you're being threatened or assaulted, shut up and keep looking sexy.

Getting over hyped about simple, harmless banter shows just how insecure you are. Don't like the nice headlights comment, then why did you get the breast implants that are 3x larger than the rest of your body?

Pozzle3217d ago

I don't think the girl complaining about a man asking "do you come with the product?" has much to complain about. I think she was looking too far into what he said and as a result took it as an insult, when he probably just meant it as a harmless joke.

But the girls who are getting physically groped and harassed definitely have something to complain about. That just isn't cricket. I'm surprised they don't have a security guard at each booth anyway... At these conventions there are alot of overenthusiastic gamers hanging around expensive products and sexualized girls. It's a recipe for disaster!

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