Band of Bugs Storms onto Xbox LIVE Arcade This Wednesday

This Xbox LIVE Wednesday Arcade sees the arrival of the tactical, insect-infested combat game "Band of Bugs"! Don't let their tiny size fool you, because these bugs are armed to the teeth, ready to take your orders and spring into action. "Band of Bugs" will be available for download on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 from Wednesday 20th June at 09.00 GMT.

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DiLeCtioN4735d ago

i thought it was a bad thing

Numark4735d ago

looks interesting.

I will at least download the demo

predator4735d ago

damn i thought bomberman live was this wednesday

Bill Gates4735d ago

Great more bugs! the 360 doesn't already have enough as it is....hahahaha j/k people.

BIadestarX4735d ago

You don't have to say, "j/k" you don't have any more buddles that we can take away... j/k.