Tony Hawk And Robomodo Team Up Again

Tony Hawk has revealed he has teamed up with Activision developer Robomodo for another project.

Does this mean a sequel to Tony Hawk RIDE? Reviews of the most recent game in the Tony Hawk franchise were less than favourable, criticizing the imprecise control method and the board peripheral.

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Dorjan3286d ago

It is like trying to copy Guitar heroes plastic guitars... but only it didn't work!

People who this should appeal to would rather go out and actually skate.

Blaze9293286d ago

they need to just admit their run is at it's end and let EA and skate. take it over now.

AndyA3286d ago

Agreed. Hope Black Box don't go down the peripheral route too though. Skate It on the Wii was awful with the balance board.

kratos1233286d ago

lets hope this also crashes.and would mean one franschise less fore gready activision damn i hate money hungry game companys that only milk their franchise. atleast think of only 1 thing thats orignal

Minimox163286d ago

just a question, this game ( TH Ride)can't be played without the plastic board???

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Fyzzu3286d ago

Sounds like a RIDE sequel to me. I didn't pick up the first after mediocre reviews, but I'm kinda hoping this one'll be better - even though I really don't need another plastic peripheral in my house!

Lightsaber3286d ago

mid core reviews ? WOW that is really putting it nicely. I dont think I seen that game get a score of over 4 out of 10. The reviewers just rip that game a new one

Maticus3286d ago

I'm surprised they're even thinking about a sequel to RIDE o,O

kratos1233286d ago

its activision their motto is milk it even if the game is dead

AndyA3286d ago

I don't think the peripheral was a good idea. Skate is a much better game and doesn't need the board.

Maticus3286d ago

Totally agree, I think that put many gamers off buying it.

MK_Red3286d ago

The problem with TH Ride wasn't just it's useless board. The actual game in the disk was bare bones, unpolished and as shallow as a Wii mini game collection.

Baka-akaB3286d ago

Well to be honest when hasnt it be the whole point ?

Besides music games such as rb/gh , and the buzz serie , most game requiring extra material are just that barebone crap .

It's just hidden with the appeal of the "magic physical thingie" .

MK_Red3286d ago

I know RB and GH type games are also more about the physical thing but RIDE's software was way too shallow to even compete with them.

Plus there hasn't been a deep and ultra-hardcore music game before RB/GH but with RIDE, people would compare it's software with the excellent Skate or even previous and much better Tony Hawk games like ProSkater series.

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