GameState Review: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Avatar film has grossed crazy box office figures and has been turned into an instant classic. It's a high-tech, epic blockbuster with an awesome universe to play with that potentially lends itself to an awesome game.

Welcome to Pandora: The vicious but beautiful brainchild of the mighty James Cameron. The Avatar game is a prequel to the film, setting up the events of what happens in the film. The only problem is I don't suggest you play this before you watch the film as the universe is taken presumption. What are these tall blue people? Why are you turning into one of them?

Useless features aside, Avatar is not a waste of time. This game is a pretty decent third person shooter that has a decent length and a great IP to boost. Only recommended for those who loved the films and where immersed by it's imagination will dig this title. For this reason I'm giving it a forgiving 7.0 / 10. Just a little side note to James Cameron: Spend a little more time and money on your games. They might go from Good to Exceptional.

- GameState

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