GamesLatest: Final Fantasy XIII Preview [part 1]

Gameslatest writes: Before I get into the nitty gritty, let' just get some background info into the world of Final Fantasy XIII. First you have the city of Pulse, in which reside the fal'Cie, mechanical beings created with the power of Crystals. The Final Fantasy series has always had a thing for crystals, so don't over think this one.

L'Cie are people marked by the fal'Cie to carry out certain objectives of theirs, within a set time period. Often, these objectives are not defined specifically, with vague visions left to interpret. Should a l'Cie fail to achieve their objective, they end up being a Cie Corpse, left to wander the wastelands forever. Successfully completing the mission will result in the l'Cie being permanently transformed into a Crystal. So all things considered, it is better not to get picked up by a fal'Cie do their dirty work in the first place.

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