Why Darkside Chronicles and Dead Space Wii didn't sell

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories developer tells ONM that rail shooters have had their day

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Monteblanco5237d ago

Nice to see the obvious being stated by someone in the industry.

A Cupcake for Gabe5237d ago

Once upon a time there was Nintendo. And they were hard friggin' core.

Then one day the Wii came out and Reggie and Nintendo told the hardcore community to "F*** Off!" And turned to the kiddies and old people and peddled their product.

Now, the Wii is a dead end road for the hardcore, the mature, or adult immature games. Maybe next time, Nintendo can be smart enough to actually try to appeal to the hardcore audience as much as the casual. Of course they are buried under a mountain of gold from the casual community, so who knows if they care to give the real gamers and love anymore anyway.

Persistantthug5237d ago

So why is everyone so seemingly shocked that Nintendo is even more extreme with this idea/concept more than before? If at any time last gen, if you would have asked me which console maker would more likely become family friendly in the future between Sega, Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, I would have guessed Nintendo everytime you would have asked.

They've always been more "kid friendly"...so..why the outrage?
Kids and families need to be catered to too, right?

Fierce Musashi5237d ago

A Cupcake for Gabe:
Then explain to me why they are still currently at the top in terms of the quality core titles and how it is only just recently that we are starting see third parties step it up? Not only in quality but in proper advertising. Nintendo has and still are supporting more titles quality core titles than WiiSports ( however I don't consider Resort to be as casual as people say it is ). Naturally, consider the casual market has always been bigger than the core market, casual titles have a better chance of selling well. Nintendo are still doing what they have always been doing, it's third parties who need to step up.

Wii = Everyone's Console. Not just the casuals.

DS: Extraction, RE: UC, RE4 were >>>lazy lesser quality rail shooter titles<<< of their traditional formula titles there to "test" the 'hardcore' Wii market. Capcom said they would consider putting RE5 on the Wii based on RE4's & UC's sales. Each broke over 1mil, and yet they decided to make another lesser rail shooter.

SinnedNogara5237d ago

Assuming Nintendo actually abandoned the hardcore, Metroid: Other M would have been a simple fitness game. Furthermore, you didn't even mention titles like:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Metroid Prime Triligy (the Wii Orange Box)
Mario Kart Wii *casual and hardcore
@ various other titles.

We have titles like:

Metroid Other M
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Zelda Wii

Coming out soon. How can the Wii be dead when titles like these are coming out!

NecrumSlavery5237d ago

Nintendo hasn't really been sellng anything well except for Casual games and NSMBWii. But this about 3rd Party gaming. Not really saying Twilight Princess, AC City Folk, Metroid Corruption, or any Wii 1st party game have been better than their previous titles. Cause they have actually been worse. The nintendo marketing had been so focused on apeallimg to moms and dads, that it doesn't meet the needs of the PS3/360 gamer. The lack of online support, multimedia usage, achievements, HD, etc is a major turnoff. Everyone loved nintndo and probably don't like admitting their faure, but the Wii is a fail. And that causes AAA wii games to fail. It's not the quality of Wii games. They overall are A games. But the way idiots like Reggie and 85yr old Cammy market the product and the lastgen specs are taking a toll on the system.

Note: Japan doesn't buy a wii for the casual games. So let me say Nintendo of America, and bot speak bad input the entire company itself

pcz5237d ago

On-rail shooters haven't had their day, House of the Dead: Overkill proved that. Darkside Chronicles and Dead Space were insulting! They were from franchises that weren't traditionally on-rails. It was an insult to release those games to wii owners instead of giving them the full experience those games are known for. Basically, they used the on rail system as a way to make a quick buck out of the wiis popularity.

What they forgot is that people aren't stupid. Of course people ignored those games, they were BS! We wanted a new Resident Evil game, not some idiotic on rail excuse for a Resident Evil game. We wanted Dead Space, but not its crippled wheelchair-bound brother.

Fierce Musashi5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

"Mom and Dad"? You mean family gaming, which I fail to see how that is actually a problem considering how that's their campaign of wanting to make the Wii everyone's gaming. While it maybe ture that some of their Wii titles arguably aren't as good as their predecessors it doesn't change the fact those titles are still of great quality and still at the top, some even with better reply value than some quality HD games. And it's like I said, we are just recently starting to see third parties step up. The reason the Wii isn't in the interests of these gamer who care for things like multimedia usage, achievements, HD is because Nintendo are ( like I've said ) doing what they've always have been doing. Keeping a lot of things old school.

Have you any idea how far Capcom could have gotten had they given Wii owners a fresh quality Resident Evil experience with proper advertizing in the Wii's early life instead of thinking they can make a fast cheap buck by testing the market with lesser quality and poor advertizing?

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NotSoSilentBob5237d ago

The Wii is seen as a family friendly pick up and play system. It is not seen as a Hardcore gaming machine and that is why 90% of the hardcore games have not sold near enough.

Every time my buddies come over to play games it is on the Ps3 rarely do we pick up the Wii to play NSMB or Wii Sports. We usually play those games when we drink and add in rules to get smashed.

As I have said before today, the Wii is not a hardcore machine and it will not be made into what it isn't.

Seekerofthewind5237d ago

...that we disagree on this specific post. The Wii has good games on both sides, and Silent Hill is a good example of a hardcore game. No More Heroes (And 2) are both hardcore games. Saying it isn't a hardcore machine is ridiculous, because it also isn't a casual machine. It does both, and does both well in the right hands.

ChickeyCantor5237d ago

" It is not seen as a Hardcore gaming machine"
This is getting pathetic.
I hope the word hardcore dies out next generation.

MK_Red5237d ago

Hmmm, didn't Silent Hill Shattered Memories itself sell badly on Wii and is now along with Dead Space E and RE: DC? And didn't the previous rail shooter that was RE: Umbrella Chronicles sell really well on Wii?

Seekerofthewind5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

As of the first six weeks, according to VGChartz (Dunno how reliable the site is, so please correct me if I'm wrong), it has 120,000 sales in the US so far. It hasn't been released in Europe, Australia, or Japan yet. I don't consider that bad...

SpoonyRedMage5237d ago

Shattered Memories is selling in line with Silent Hill: Origins and Homecoming and will most likely surpass them when all is said and done. Probably not solely from Wii sales but from the PSP sales and PS2 sales(although they're probably going to be quite low compared to Wii and PSP numbers)

Mahr5237d ago

"And didn't the previous rail shooter that was RE: Umbrella Chronicles sell really well on Wii?"

I'm not sure, but I think the logic goes that everyone who wanted rail shooters already bought Umbrella Chroncicles, House of the Dead 2/3, Ghost Squad, and Overkill; and that Extraction and Darkside Chronicles did not do a good enough job of convincing anyone who already had any of the other games to shell out full retail all over again.

Seferoth755237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

Silent Hill for Wii is selling better than Silent Hill for PS3. I guess that is all the proof we need that the PS3 is nothing but a casual gaming console...
Yes UC did sell well after Capcom promised a real RE game if it sold well. What do you expect to happen to their next on rail shooter game after such a blatant lie to fans on Wii?

99% of Wii hate comes from clueless idiots who want to pick and choose what facts they wana bring up.. Like the clowns who pull up LKS and act like it's AAA must own and have no clue that niche titles like that have never sold, but they are clueless and just do not care to get a clue. Or people like you who cluelessly bash a console for sales without knowing there are other consoles on the market with just as many games bombing

Anon19745236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

Silent Hill Homecoming on the PS3 sold double what Silent Hill Shattered Memories has sold so far on the Wii. What the hell is Seferoth75 talking about?

Also, he said "people like you who cluelessly bash a console for sales without knowing there are other consoles on the market with just as many games bombing".

Again, what Consider for a second, only about 10% of Wii games have ever broke the one million mark, about the same as the PS3...but the difference is there are twice as many Wii's out there as PS3's. Does Seferoth75 really want to go pointing fingers at other consoles over games sales?

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against the Wii or it's fans - I consider all gamers brothers even if you just want to play Farmville all day, but Sepheroth is really spreading the FUD thick today.

SpoonyRedMage5236d ago

The LTD of PS3's homecoming is higher than what Shattered Memories as sold so far but Shatter Memories hasn't been out for a year has it? but if you look as how each game tracked then he's correct(I think).

Plus the percentage of games to sell over a million shouldn't be effected by userbase because the system with the biggest userbase gets more games, as the Wii does, in fact it has over twice as many as the PS3.

Also software sales are skewed to the one who's been on the market longest, which is the 360, which is why the Wii has only just overtook it. But yes, the Wii sells the most software.

Anon19745236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

"Plus the percentage of games to sell over a million shouldn't be effected by userbase."

Oooooo K there. Double the userbase shouldn't affect the percentage of million selling games a system has? Not if it's the Wii, apparently!

**makes drinky motion** glug, glug...

"...in fact it has over twice as many as the PS3."
Yeah, last time I checked it wasn't a "fact" that 75 was roughly double 50.


SpoonyRedMage5236d ago

Uhh, yer I'm serious.... the percentage shouldn't be effected userbase because it's a percentage... like how 5/100 is 5% and 10/200 is also 5%. It's actually rather simple mathematics.

and what I was saying was that the Wii has much more software released than the PS3, a lot more infact.

"Similarly, the current ESRB ratings list shows 696 titles for the PS3, 957 for the Xbox 360 -- and 1,415 for the Wii."

So the Wii does have more than the double amount of games, and less than double the install base. Going by that the PS3's is 7% and the Wii's is 5% despite the fact that there's more games on the Wii relative to userbase. And that's without getting into the subject of actual software sales considering the highest selling game on the PS3 has been outsold more than two-fold by a handful of games.

Anon19745236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

Now you're just confusing what we're talking about here. Let me quote you again.

"The percentage of games to sell over a million shouldn't be effected by userbase"

So if the Wii has 66 million consoles sold and, let's say the PS3 has sold one console, you'd still maintain that there should be the same percentage of million sellers on the console with an install base of one? Or it's somehow because of the amount of games released, and not the user base? You might want to check that math again.

Of course the userbase effects this number.

SpoonyRedMage5235d ago

Haha, nice use of a strawman there. You couldn't refute my point so instead you replace with a hypothetical that isn't actually applicable to reality to make it seem like you have a strong argument.

Fallacies FTW!

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mrv3215237d ago

Stop doing on rails stupidly... don't just do move from room to room and shoot. Do what time crisis did and have a button for cover. It improves it by soo much.

Whiptcracker5237d ago

Yes, on-rail shooters are a nice genre that died out with the Dreamcast.

Which is why Panzer Dragoon Orta sold so well on the Xbox, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles sold so well on the Wii and why Sega was so pleased with how both House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return and House of the Dead Overkill sold.

I guess Time Crisis was a failure too.