Is PS3 still the top Blu-ray Player?

The vaunted PlayStation 3 does just about everything you'd want in a consumer electronics product. It plays all discs (except HD DVDs), stores media, plays games, lets you surf the Web, eats babies, looks cool, and invites both envy and ridicule equally.

Its image quality seems to be roughly the same as the Pioneer's, and navigating via the regular controller wasn't too obnoxious once I got used to it. (A real remote is also available.) It switches between tracks the fastest of this bunch, and, along with the Pioneer, it's the only one that lets you advance and rewind frame by frame. (The others can only go forward per frame.) If it's already on, a disc will start nearly instantaneously. If you insert a disc with the unit off, it takes about 25 seconds to start the movie. The Samsung takes almost twice that time. This thing's computing power is really impressive...

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Torch4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

This article is dated April, 2007, and is therefore outdated.

more specifically:

"..,the PS3...can't (or should I say, doesn't) upconvert DVDs. Perhaps this is something Sony will add in the future, as the power is certainly there."

...among other outdated facts.

How did this old article get trickled in???


Ahh, I see the Bubble Monsters are still lurking in full force!...So be it; you're well likely doing me a favour...fewer bubbles will probably help me stop procrastinating on this website and get on with the important stuff.

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h9014734d ago

I always loved your posts torch!

mokyurin4734d ago

Give Torchy his bubbles back!

alpha4734d ago

+1 bubble for you torch <3

mokjun4734d ago

+1 bubble for you too

jamboleia4734d ago

Ill give him +1 bubble back

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jaaz4734d ago

Here you go! Bubble Orgy!!!

Keyser4734d ago

You have enough bubbles now to argue with anyone! LOL!!!!

Lord Anubis4734d ago

I have to agree the article is out of date with some loose information.

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bootsielon4734d ago

Imagine if it's now the top Blu-ray player, constantly being updated (and with new features available after this article came out), what will happen when it's (hopefully, if Sony knows what they're doing) $400 by holiday season, and has tons of games and services exclusive for this "Blu-ray player/console"?

Maddens Raiders4734d ago

in my home it is. =]


Bill Gates4734d ago

Planet Earth on Blu-ray ROCKS!!

Maddens Raiders4734d ago

looks disgusting (and when I say disgusting I mean GOOD) on Discovery HD theatre in the first place, let alone Blu-Ray.

I've got a pretty good collection going so far, but my favorites are still X-MEN The Last Stand and Blackhawk Down. Terminator 2 is a real close runner up and will really never die. Cannot wait for HEAT on Blu-Ray if/when it comes. That gun battle will get the cops called to my house in uncompressed Hi-Def!lol

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4734d ago

Cinematography is untouchable, trust me on this one Madden.

I too accept bubble generosity. :)

solidt124734d ago

Of course it is. It is upgradeable and comes with an excellent console called the PS3. plus wireless.

drtysouf214734d ago

Yes of course and it will continue to get better with updates

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The story is too old to be commented.