The PS3's XMB should look more like this, Sony


"Sony's new DVR attachment for PS3, 'Torne', is packing quite an amazing looking interface. In my opinion, It feels like you already know where everything is and what it does, just at a glance - it's very organized and clean."


To avoid confusion, I was mainly referring to this image ( when I originally wrote the title. I do agree the first image below does look a bit confusing, but it would be a lot more understandable if I could read Japanese!

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PirateThom3195d ago

"Organised and clean"?

I thought the opposite...

ChozenWoan3195d ago

It appears that someone over at GamingOwl was so impressed by the beauty of the pics that they lost sight of the actual UI.

The current XMB is very clean and organized, and thanks to custom themes you can have whatever pretty picture in the background you want.

LukaX233195d ago

Although I do agree the current XMB is very well organized as well, I do think it's time for a refresh, or an option to move the icons around or something. I have to admit, the XMB is getting old.

Venatus-Deus3195d ago

You have a ps3 which you can play next gen games, watch bluray movies, surf the internet, stream movies, look a photos, watch TV, listen to music and your complaining about the mechanic that gets you to each of these options quickly and efficiently as being dated.


Guido3195d ago

The XMB is easy to navigate IMHO. It's like any other UI that is intensive, it takes a little time to learn but once you do it's like riding a bike. You know where everything is and it is easy to navigate.

Corrwin3195d ago

Actually customising the layout of XMB yourself would be pretty sweet.

Though it does go some way to allow you to group stuff with a Square press - I might be able to get my Obsessive Compulsive side happy just using that.

LukaX233195d ago

I think you guys are just mislead by the Japanese text. Oh well, we all have different opinions I suppose. :)

Redempteur3195d ago

i dunno if i'm too used ti see the ps3 or psp xmb but i like those better .. i have my habits on it ..sometimes i even control my ps3 without having to look at the screen

This screens however looks good but doesn't seems easier to navigate to me ..

JsonHenry3195d ago

I don't care for the XMB, but this looks much worse.

Marceles3195d ago

I'd go crazy (in a bad way) if the XMB looked like that

wicko3195d ago

The XMB is great, I wouldn't want to see any major changes. Well organized and intuitive.

Baka-akaB3195d ago


So you want it changed because it is getting "old" ? No offense but is it supposed to be a Dior or Versace interface ? You change it every season to spice things ups ?

I dont really understand such logic and thoughts , it isnt supposed to look "new" , it's there for it's efficiency and so are the changes brought to it . For the rest it is as you already know customisable with themes

Hell , recently further graphics effects were added anyway with dynamic themes .

mastiffchild3195d ago

No, that looks rubbish compared to the minimal and classy stylings of the XMB. It's almost as bad as when the 360 had NXE thrust upon it(and adly us) a while back! God I miss the ld blades on my 360! I despise having to have one of hose gimpy avatars looking out at me reminding me of how I felt like a grown man playing dress up with a dolly when I was forced to create the damn thing! T^he themses we all bought pre NX are now totally obscured by the newer dash and rendered a waste of tme and money. Can anyone, also, explain why I had to change if I preferred the old dashboard to what NXE brought with it?

I think I would cry if Sony changed the XMB, though, as it's one thing that, for me, has always been nigh on perfect as amn interface and was always smoother, classier and simpler than what we have and had on the 360. Then again I DO have trouble getting past the fact that i HAVE to have a bloody avatar looing at me when I kjust jhate the damn things with a passion. I would NEVER play a game where I had to play as one of those things and why do I need one on my dash to represent me? CAn't I just have a pic of a Doge like UI do practically everywhere else? I mean I think Home avatars are creepy but they avoid my ire by STAYING in home where I only have to see them on the rare occasions I fel like visiting Xi or something new pops up.

Still, noone could ever explain the NXE when it was coming and why I should be excited about it and Sony would do well not to start messing with something else that's currently not broken! The blades weren't broken either so why id everyone have to have them fixed like they did?God, I hate those overly happy and never skinny enough Mii rip offs! It's got so bad I can't ven think rationally if I start getting them in my head or if I just see one on someone's N4G avatar! Not that I mind anyone else loving the new dash AND the avatars, no, I just fail to undertand what was wrong in the first place and why an avatar is compulsory when I'm not alone in feeling less of a man for having to make one of the slightly podgy buggers.

Anyhoo, back OT-no it's not as good as the XMB. Sony shouldn't change it and if they did they'd be being thicker than a company who'd consider using the DS3 in on hand for the same job the nuchuck does on the Wii and Sony aren't ever going to be that stu....OH. Never mind.

Baka-akaB3195d ago

i'm with you mastiff . to this day it bother me that not only half my 360 screen menu is filled with junk , but that i can't skip an avatar i dont wanna dress up and see .

SilentNegotiator3195d ago

Nah, I still prefer the XMB.

steve30x3194d ago

I agree with you Matsiff. I much rathered the old blades instead of the NXE. It would be nice if M$ would give us the ability to download the old blades instead of the NXE.

vhero3194d ago

They should allow themes similar to those available to PSP on modded firmware but of course they won't otherwise they couldn't charge for premium themes. Much like MS they have to make there money somewhere. I don't see why they cannot make something like this though and make some money from it.

hay3194d ago

Ok, now, let me get this straight. Some guy from some site is criticizing THE award winning XMB and and points to Sony's new GUI as clear and tidy but at the same time he doesn't understand it cause he don't know Japanese?
Well... Bravo, bravo.

inveni03194d ago

That looks stupid. The XMB does a great job of organizing content.

Microsoft Xbox 3603194d ago

The current XMB is the true defintion of "Organized and Clean". What is this guy smoking?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893194d ago

when my buddy left his 360 at my place i realized the only 2 things microsoft did right. the music player has way more visualizers searching for songs is so easy and quick. looking for music on the ps3 is a ridiculous. takes half and hour to get down to the z's and if u go really fast u cant even see the music as it flys by what if itunes did that id kill myself. atleast put a bar thing so you can slide down quickly like with a comp, but still be able to see the music ur looking for.. i have alot of beef with the ps3's music interface, everything else is great well the trophy syncing is annoying as hell, plus the delay when u go to ur in game xmb. i noticed that the 360's software in some ways was way above the ps3's, and as hard as it is to say sony online may have less lag but xbox live is so much cooler and more functional. i wish sony went the pay root and just made sure it was way cheaper than live with more features they'd make a good profit still, and still some of ms's fanbase cuz we all know ms fans love paying money for things that could be conclusion the fact the ps3 has blu ray a browser disc loading drive, quiter way better exclusives, free online that works dont bribe and sceme to get everything. and they dont focus all there attention to one or 2 games like halo reach and gears of war....makes me still glad i dont own a 360 but i would like them to take a few tips from ms's software.

MAiKU3194d ago

All of those pics have horrible design flaws and amateur interfaces.

Sarick3194d ago

You have people who understand technology and people who don't. My mother happens to be one of those that doesn't understand it. Why create a menu that looks like a PC. She can barely figure out how to update the firmware or even log on.

The XMB is created to be as simple as possible without all the distractions. It's mostly for games and she doesn't do much of anything else for it. If they changed things and made them like a PC these non-tech people have to work extra hard to learn a complex system of menus and icons.

Bloodraid3194d ago

The only thing the XMB needs is to be faster. It takes far too long to display the friends list, for example. If Sony works on the speed of the XMB, I'd be content.

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Corrwin3195d ago

I have no complains about the current XMB, except that it could load a bit faster when in-game.

That's it - it's the best Gaming OS interface I've ever used, easy, sleek, fast enough, everything you need is a couple of button presses away... I just wished it loaded my BluRays for me ;)

DW3195d ago

... they totally ignored the KISS (keep it simple stupid) Methodology on that one.

steve30x3195d ago

That XMB looks awful. I like the XMB we have

Lucreto3195d ago

I prefer the wat it is at the moment. It is easy to find everything. It would be hard to make it any better.

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