Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Reaffirmed for Europe

The often thought cancelled European release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope International for PlayStation 3 has been reaffirmed for February. Bringing with it a number of features not previously available in the Xbox 360 version, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International includes the option to choose English or Japanese voiceovers and localised subtitles for the forty-or-so hours of epic Role-Playing Game (RPG) adventure.

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Lucreto3245d ago

I might hold off on buying this until the summer. Tons of other games to play.

GameGambits3244d ago

Not a bad choice. Speaking as someone who's played all the Star Ocean games, and completed this one on my's a rental if you can beat a game within the 5 days of rental time. Even with the inclusion of Japanese VO's it won't fix the poor dialogue, emo characters, and very meh/bleh plot.

The combat system though is top notch! I think that's the reason I was able to complete this game even though the whole time I was cringing at the story as it unfolded. It's a testament to how well Tri-Ace knows to get combat in RPGs done well.

360hasnogamesfor20103244d ago

well i give you bots the new contents for ps3..

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Udidntlistenpunk3244d ago

We will be enjoying the superior version on the PS3, bots.

Betatest Mass effect 2 and Splinter cell for us too. We will steal those too.