Napoleon: Total War Goes Co-Op And Competitive

BeefJack writes: "A 'much requested' game mode has been added to upcoming real time strategy epic Napoleon: Total War.

Sega, the games publisher, have announced that for the first time in the series Napoleon: Total Wars campaign can be played co-operatively to defeat the legendary general, or competitively to help him achieve his goals. The exact details of how the mode will work are unconfirmed at this point."

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thief3216d ago

This game is loooking good. Coop is interesting, dont think have seen it before in RTS

Letros3216d ago

coop in RTS has been around for years, first game I've played with it was Emperor: Battle for Dune.

The most fun co-op has to be Dawn of War 2.

Chubear3216d ago

co-op has been in RTSs for a long time now. Heck even console RTSs have up to 4player co-op

aGameDeveloper3216d ago

I told a couple of the devs at E3 several years ago that I thought drop-in competitive, as well as 2-player campaign (at least) would be awesome ideas for the series.

OK, they probably ignored me, but it's nice to see some good ideas finally come to light.