Turn Your Sister into an Orc…Seriously

BeefJack writes: "Konami is well on its way to bringing Foto Showdown to the DSi. Using the handheld's camera functionality, users can take pictures of people in the real world and have their physical attributes be used to create characters in the game. This newly released trailer shows an older sister being turned into an Orc. A rather fitting image."

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Kwertie3218d ago

She's hot, and she's got nice tits. Anyone know her name?

troll3218d ago

Frank. Her name is Frank.

frjoethesecond3218d ago

You 2 have the best names ever.

evildanser3218d ago

LOL!! that made my day dude!!! bubble's for you my friend!!

lizard812883218d ago

anyway, looks like a cool concept. too bad i don't have a dsi, and it looks like another rpg/jrpg, which the DS has a ton of already.