Should The Gears Of War Franchise Go Multiplatform?

Just yesterday, we broke the story concerning the remarks Patcher made that sent the entire gaming community into an uproar. So much so that Mark Rein Himself had to respond to Pachter's comments when he stated that Epic Games "regrets" the exclusive deal it made with Microsoft and that they "can't wait until they start doing multiplatform games."

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Odion3190d ago

You can't really break a story when another site held the interview/talk....

THE MAX SPEED 213190d ago

No it should not go multiplatform you know why? because EPIC can't make it a Multiplat because they have a Deal with microsoft which blows the logic of this happening out of the way. Unless somebody wants a big ass Lawsuit which I think they dont want.

movements3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

How long will the exclusive deal last, and when it does end, will Epic sign up again..

respawnaction3190d ago

No way. It's been doing fine as it is.

movements3190d ago

It's been doing pretty fine indeed.