PSX Extreme: Where The Wild Things Are Review

PSX Extreme writes: "'Where The Wild Things Are,' a children's classic by Maurice Sendak, came to life on the big screen last year and despite the difficulty in translating a very short book into a feature film, Warner Bros. wanted to make it into a game, too. Not surprisingly, the interactive version doesn't have much to do with the book or the movie; developer Griptonite Games had to come up with a new vision. It's a little weird – something about stars falling from the skies, shadows attacking everything on the island, and the Wild Things' goal to build a tower to the moon – but it's somewhat atmospheric. The problem is that they don't bother to build a fully realized action/adventure game around this kooky idea, which means we're left with a relatively boring and repetitive quest. The good news is that the controls are solid and it doesn't look too terrible, despite the lackluster in-game cut-scenes. I suppose it might be okay for young fans, but beyond that…"

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