Mass Effect Movie Could Happen

A few hours ago MTV spoke with BioWare's Casey Hudson, their project director on the most recent Mass Effect game. Casey wasn't shy about teasing talk of turning his franchise into a movie.

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360hasnogamesfor20103218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

like the super mario bros movie:

GameOn3217d ago

Because the story of two Italian plumbers trying to save a princess had any chance of being good.

If any game has a chance of becoming a good movie, that game would be Mass Effect but I don't expect you to understand why.

Theoneneo813216d ago

The Game it self is a movie have you even played ME? hell im a Sony Fanboy and i think this game is great.

Umbrella Corp3218d ago

Oh hai doom.
Well hopefully we can see one good game movie.

Nihilism3216d ago

This movie has the potential to be amazing, especially with all the back story and settings they created for it.

But if history has taught us anything, it's that despite the potential of so many game franchises, the movies ALWAYS suck ba!!s

Tony P3216d ago


A lot of games have potential, but Hollywood just dumbs them down to mindless action flicks. And that wouldn't be so terrible if they were at least interesting half the time.

goflyakite3216d ago

Agreed with Tony, I can see a lot of games making good movies if they actually tried.

blu_yu_away3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Bioware should only allow this IF a major studio and proven director are interested in bringing the series to films. Otherwise it is wasted potential doomed to fail.

Theoneneo813216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

*cough Cameron Cough*

Seriously if he can do Avatar Effects with the story for the game it can be amazing.

Syaz13216d ago

looks like you have the same idea as me. if cameron could pull an avatar with a mass effect movie, it would be brilliant. oh, and there should be more blue people too. maybe even cast sam worthington as shepard.

blu_yu_away3216d ago

Cameron could be a good choice. Some others off the top of my head that fit the bill would be Neill Blomkamp, J.J. Abrams (although it would probably be too close to Star Trek for his liking), or Ridley Scott.

Montrealien3216d ago

The Mass Effect movie IS happening, just play the game, hehe.

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