Warhawk: Impressions From The Beta Testers

When PS3Fanboy asked their readers to give them their opinions of the Warhawk beta, they didn't know they would receive so many responses. Players had to be invited to participate in the beta, and had to respect an NDA Sony had imposed. However, certainly Sony can't ask people to avoid expressing their emotions! Click on to read a full overview of the beta, what to expect in the game.

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SmokeyMcBear4733d ago

wait wait... its 32 VS. 32, with 64 players on a map.. holy crap, I thought it was just a 32 person map with 16 on 16, holy jeebus.

Mishmash194733d ago

i am in the beta and hav eonly been in a max of 32 player rooms. i did not know that they have 64 player rooms that you have ot be invited in to play. it is crazy action with 32, can not imagine 64 players at once. this game really is awesome. it is very addicting and fun as hell to play. it does take a while to get used to the controls on foot, land vehicles, and warhawks. if you love em shoot em up games and love playin multiplayer games, this should be at the top of ur list to buy come september. this beta sold me in the first 5min of gameplay.

Bonsai12144733d ago

32 vs 32 would be crazy in that game.. literally squadrons of fighters going up against each other... i'm so pissed i didn't get selected for beta. and from what i've seen, the game looks amazing already and if it does look better (a dev playing and talking seems kinda sketchy to me) i'll be very impressed, especially with that amount of stuff going on

drtysouf214733d ago

Yeah i'm in this beta and this is by far the best multiplayer game i've ever played. Its so much fun being able to Fly, run, drive a jeep or tank, shoot from stationary big guns. Great assortment of weapons its sad the beta ends soon can't wait to buy this one.

yocdub4733d ago

The beta rocks and I can't imagine the other maps and features we haven't seen yet plus i need a headset to make this even more immersive.

big_tim4733d ago

says 32 players total not 32 vs 32. Must have been a typo or miss understanding.

drtysouf214733d ago

Yeah i've never seen a 64 player game when playing the beta.

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The story is too old to be commented.