Titan Quest devs working on Grim Dawn

Former Titan Quest developers (now Crate Entertainment) are working on Grim Dawn for the PC. Grim Dawn is an action RPG utilizing the same graphics engine as Titan Quest. Currently Crate Entertainment are asking for funding from the community who can preorder a copy.

Three versions are available for preorder with early beta access for two of them. Crate Entertainment are hoping to have enough support to retain control over their game property when the time comes.

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Letros3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I loved Titan Quest, and the graphics are still quite good for an ARPG.

Pretty awesome too people are giving support, where else but PC do you have indie developers pre-selling their game based entirely on their reputation for private funding. It's important not to lose indie devs!

A similar thing happened to Natural Selection 2.

toaster3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I had an absolute blast with Titan Quest and still play a little every now and then. One of the better ARPG's to hit PC after Diablo and D2. I hope Crate Entertainment can pull in enough money to complete this game because after playing Titan Quest I would love to get my hands on anything they make.

Since you mentioned Natural Selection 2, I just have to say I have been playing that almost nonstop, except for when I'm busy playing Torchlight and Mass Effect. Natural Selection 2 has got to be one of the highest quality indie games I have ever played. The lighting is incredible and graphics and gameplay are equally awesome.

Letros3189d ago

Good to hear about NS2, I haven't played it, but sounds like its shaping up to be a quality product!

Montrealien3189d ago

titan quest is a game I still load up on steam on a regular basis, if this new game is anything close to it, we win.

wicko3189d ago

You can pre-order the game already as well, to help the devs out so they don't have to sell their IP to a publisher. And they said it is possible that the key you get will be usable with steam.

Pre-ordered the Legendary Fan edition, it was a bit steep compared to the game alone but it's still less than a new PS3/360 game. Gives you access to the alpha and the beta, among other things.

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chak_3189d ago

I'm still hesitating to give a few bucks :p

I LOVED (and I mean it) TQ:IT, might give it a try

BYE3189d ago

Very nice.

Titan Quest still is the best Diablo 2 clone out there.

chak_3189d ago

I might say something that might get me flamed...but I really prefered TQ over D2.

Colorfull, awesome mythology background, huge choice of competence and profession mix, millions of loot, and super great looking.

Sure it could have been better with random generation, closed multiplayer and some better loot table.

But man what a game, I keep poping it up from times to times.

BYE3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Some aspects of it are better, no doubt. Looting for example, when you see monsters carrying equipment that you can actually of course...

The reasons for me while I still prefer Diablo 2 though are the music, the intense atmosphere and nostalgia to a certain extent.

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