TeamXbox: Square-Enix's David Hoffman Interview

TeamXbox writes: "Certainly, Xbox 360 fans are more than familiar with the name Square Enix on more than a passing basis. The Japanese publishing giant has brought its massively multiplayer online RPG Final Fantasy XI to the console, and we're less than two months from seeing the next installment in that incredibly popular franchise, Final Fantasy XIII get a first-time simultaneous launch on Xbox 360. Square Enix has also brought some other titles from its staple genre to the system, such as Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean: The Last Hope and The Last Remnant.

However, in the last year, we've seen a distinct expansion of the publisher's catalog on Xbox 360, with such Xbox Live Arcade games as this week's release Death by Cube and Gyromancer (in tandem with PopCap). Via its purchase of Eidos Interactive, Square Enix will also be releasing sequels in the Just Cause and Kane & Lynch series this year."

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