Bad Company 2 DLC Plan & Singleplayer Length Revealed writes, "DICE & EA have given gamers a ton of information on the multiplayer portion of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but little to nothing on the singleplayer. Tonight, that changed on GameTrailers TV with the very first footage of the singleplayer campaign being revealed."

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Noctis Aftermath3190d ago

I hope the SP is 10-12 hours, any longer is just more cherries on top.

Also good to hear they want to give away some free content and not just paid stuff.

I'm willing to bet after BFBC2 releases DICE will gain alot more recognition and become a favorite dev for many console owners, i've enjoyed their work in the past and i am looking forward to this next title.

Digitaldude3190d ago

Like Mirrors edge. So under rated

FOXDIE3190d ago

iv played the beta for as long as I could and reached rank 27, and that is considered when they only allowed one map. So whats going to happen when they release the full game?

From my experience, I enjoyed this game more then MW2 and I hope that people give it a chance.

chak_3190d ago

broken link.

I don't like the sound of DLC !

Yi-Long3190d ago

... I was about to buy this game for fullprice, which I very VERY rarely do, but if they're gonna DLC-milk it, I rather wait 3 months and buy it for 25 euro or something.

I love Battlefield, I'm still playing 1943 ALOT on XBL, but when developers start talking about DLC we'll have to pay extra for, I pretty much start looking elsewhere untill there's a big price-drop, or untill there's a GOTY-edition with all the DLC included.

(example: I would have bought Fable 2 full-price, DLC was announced, I held off and bought the GOTY edition 3-4 weeks ago for 15 bucks)

And yeah, DICE is criminally underrated. I love them with all my heart, for having made the brilliant Rallisport Challenge 2 for the original Xbox (sadly not BC, so I have to occasionally hook my old Xbox back up...)

And yeah (2), Mirror's Edge was very good, but I do hope that for the sequel they'll just focus on the running (just make it an urban/parkour 'racing' game), where you'll just have races across brilliant looking gorgeous levels with rooftops in Mexico-City, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Bombay, etc etc. Just imagine it. A group of folks just speeding along those rooftops through clotheslines and people suntanning and working etc etc.
The possibilities are endless. I just hope they drop the whole 'story' thing, and the in-between art-style (the art-design for the print-art was GORGEOUS btw)

Noctis Aftermath3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

@Yi-long: the article simply mentioned that they will release free content but also have some paid DLC at some point, it's not DLC on day 1, they didn't mention anything specific or any dates on DLC.

My advice is to buy it at full price, i played the beta and it was great, worth every cent.

hmmmm3190d ago

I know right! What were Microsoft thinking not making Rallisport challenge 2 BC? It is still my favourite racing game ever! It is just pure fun!!

Yi-Long3190d ago

@Noctis. I'm sure it will be great, and I'm sure it will be worth full-price regardless of DLC.

I just meant to say that FOR ME, I have a huge back-log of great games I still have to play (started Valkyria Chronicles this week, and still have a whole bunch of games sealed lying aroung), so a DLC announcement for a game usually means I can just wait it out till all the DLC is included on the disc, for a cheaper price.

I'm still on the fence about buying Battlefield BC2, not JUST because of the DLC announcement and pile of games I have yet to play, but also because with Battlefield 1943 recently there's been problems online with the servers, which is a common problem with EA games it seems (Battlefield MC2 on the original Xbox was a disaster online), so really not sure yet about if I'll buy it in the first weeks or not.

@Hmmmm: I just wish they would either do a remake with next-gen graphics, or a Rallisport Challenge 3. RSC2 is absolutely in my top 10 games of all-time, and my favourite racing game ever. It wasn't 'perfect', it damn it was close...

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Nihilism3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I still think it's a damn shame that there are no bots in MP in this game.

My internet reeeeeeeally sucks so it's campaign or nothing for me.

They could have at least included one offline MP mode, AVP has survival mode at least :(

Still buying it, but it would have been nice...

chak_3190d ago

not really, but who knows ^^

edit : miss-quote, that was for your TF2 msg

dragonelite3190d ago

Dam i thought you were a pc gamer how can your internet be bad.
Because i always see you on pc related articles :p.
I have 1.5 MB/s and i dont have lag if i play online and nobody else uses internet to browse facebook or other photo/movie heavy sites.

Nihilism3190d ago

I am, I also have 1.5mb internet, but my DL limit per month is only 20gig, sos I really can't afford to be gaming online because I have to pay for excess, I have to keep my plan because it is combined phone and internet plan and I get unlimited free phone calls, to anywhere ( including mobiles ), so even If I got a better internet plan, my phone bill would go up by a lot and it wouldn't be worth it...

dragonelite3190d ago

Yeah the internet limit sucks here in holland i dont think we have a limit just a fair use policy thats somewhere around 300 gig.
But yeah mobile calling is expensive here but yeah i dont call alot.

Stevo353189d ago

Who cares about the phone, skype it!

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shopsmartash3190d ago

aren't enough games this generation with offline MP. Everything is online MP; I never bothered to get a second controller because there are so few games to play with anyone now.

Nihilism3190d ago

damn straight, and online is even worse, massive lag, people dropping out because they lose etc.

every game with MP is online only

BFBC2, AVp, bioshock 2 ( not that its primarily an MP game, but the point remains )

Brink is our saving grace though, full offline MP with bots, and players can drop in and out in the middle of battle by replacing bots, it's going to be awesome.

chak_3190d ago

dchalfont > you tried the new TF2 bots?

Nihilism3190d ago

would you believe that I've never played TF2?

mal_tez923190d ago

They are really clever.

The bad thing is you can't go split screen while fighting bots, which was the best part of the original killzone

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xx SgtP3pp3r xx3190d ago

I don't mind DLC for B:BC2 as long as they don't take the mickey with it. It would be good if they added a couple of new maps every few months to spice things up online a bit. I like the sound of free DLC, perhaps they will do what the Burnout Paradise developers did. If so they will become one of my favorite developers.

stickskills3190d ago

I hope they do something similar to the original Bad Company with allowing users to select some of the DLC. I miss playing "Par for the Course". :P

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