EA sticking with Tiger Woods, ditching PC

GamePro: "EA is standing by its troubled man in a big way, as the company announced today that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 will be releasing on multiple platforms this June, including the iPhone, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Noticeably absent is a PC version--instead EA is focusing on a browser-based version of the golf series for PCs and Macs."

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vhero3218d ago

He retired though.. There ain't many other huge name golfers I guess and they probably have a contract with him which means if they switched now it would cost them a lot of money.

labaronx3218d ago

he's just taking a leave from the game for a moment... sorta like micheal jordan did when his dad was murdered

Pen Pooh3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I bet honest, faithful pro-golfers must be pretty pissed. "When is it gonna be MY turn to star in a game?!! I bet if Tiger murdered someone, he'd still be on the box! Etc."

chak_3218d ago

browser version for PC? who are you taking us for? monkeys?

Come on.

snaz273218d ago

i mean you wouldnt work if you actually lost money or even if you made very little, would you? too many people pirating i guess, plus i dont think pc gaming is THAT popular anyway. Im sorry it just isnt, thats not to say its worse than console gaming in any way, obviously pc gaming has its advantages, but its not for me thats for sure. Just hope it is a one off and not a trend!

Letros3218d ago

Right, not as popular, yet grosses more money than either console system per year. PC is primarily an online system, with online only titles that just don't work well on consoles compared to PC. PC gamers do not want the 8 hour single player stuff consoles get. PC thrives at Competative RTS/MMORPG/Competative FPS/MMO based Racing. MMO is the future of gaming, whether its subscription or free to play, a lot of Rumors have Blizzard working on an MMOFPS.

EA is actually taking a good stance on this, browser based games are becoming more and more complex (Battlefield Heroes was a HUGE hit EA made a TON of money off of), I can see them doing an lite-MMO Tiger Woods browser based game for the convenience of the player base.

free2game3653215d ago

Peter Moore is running EA Sports, he's helping Microsoft's plan to cut as much support to the PC as he can.

Penno3218d ago

The fact they are giving it a completely different name suggests the browser version will be pretty low-fi and probably sucky into the bargain.

mcm3218d ago

good move EA. Now if you would just add a "Pimpin them hoes career mode" we are all set.