26 Reasons From A-Z it's Good to be a Gamer - Part I

Game Stooge are avid gamers, as you may have gathered, not unlike yourselves. They love their console games, their PC games and hell, maybe even their cell-phone games! They have done some serious digging in print and on the internet about why you should be excited about games, and each of the reasons happens to start with a letter of our English alphabet. How about that?

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Diselage4237d ago

It's a nice short list of some great games that are coming up.

Bill Gates4237d ago

GT5................I'm waiting B3yond just for you my little love nectar....hahaha

MK_Red4237d ago

Superb list. Kool idea and kool games but hey, where is Haze?

Maddens Raiders4237d ago

HA! I only need one: Gaming is Fun.

BTW - what is KILLZONE II? :P

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