New Resonance of Fate (End of Eternity) Screenshots – More Battles!

Take a peek on the new screenshots of Sega's Resonance of Fate, also known as End of Eternity in Japan, that is set to release this year. The screenshots features more battle images that will somehow get you excited even though that's what we always see since the game was released. What about other stuff Sega?

Off with the screenshots! Enjoy!

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Pozzle3280d ago

This game looks fantastic. Shame its being released on the same day as FFXIII :/

GameGambits3280d ago

If it was even 1 or 2 weeks apart from FF13 it would greatly boost its chances of success. Personally though I will be buying this game day one over FF13...only because I've completed FF13 already with my Japanese import copy lol. I however, will be in the minority to pick this over FF13.

Still very excited though to get my hands on this. :D