Actress Ellen Dubin of LEXX to Voice Three Characters in Guild Wars 2

Skewed and Reviewed took a break from the design of their new site layout to announce that popular Canadian actress Ellen Dubin of Lexx, The Collector, and several other titles will voice three characters in the pending Guild Wars 2. Ellen is a very popular actress in her native Canada and has legions of fans the world over.

The posting also has the FAQ's of what looks to be another hit for the series.

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Umbrella Corp3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Nice teeth?

Pozzle3287d ago

Wait, you're saying she has bad teeth?

If so, my mind is boggled.

Corrwin3287d ago

Because that's even worse than Beyonetta wearing her own hair :|

Won't be getting Guild Wars 2 if I'm reminded of stuff like that, certainly!

Which is odd, because she looks super hot in real life!

Garethvk3281d ago

Have to love it, after being given the ok to post, I was told to pull it as it was getting to much traffic and they wanted to feature the main cast first.