Rein: Pachter Comments Not True - We're Happy with Microsoft

From the breaking news story:

"A few hours ago we posted a story on what the almighty games analyst Michael Pachter had to say regarding the relationship/contract between Microsoft and Epic Games; Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, gave us his take on the seemingly impossible comments made on the Bonus Round. We asked the folks at Epic, what we already knew to be untrue, if they felt strained or pressured in their relationship with Microsoft and the Xbox 360. Read up on Mr. Pachter's comments in our original story. Once you are all caught up find Mark Rein's prompt, and to the straight to the point response below."

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Bungie3196d ago

Gears series sold more than 10 mill

why wouldn't they be happy

actually M$ helped marketing the game

maybe next time you get it Pachter

Saaking3196d ago

Obviously. Gears has had astonishing success and tbh I don't think we need it on PS3. It should stay on the 360 and hopefully on the PC as well. The PS3 already has UC2, so there's no need for an lesser TPS. Let it stay on the 360 where it sells and where it's needed.

Marojado3196d ago

I'm suprised Mark Rein actually dignified Patcher's statement with a response. Everyone knows Patcher is full of crap.

-Alpha3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I dont know about you but I wouldnt want to limit my choices on the PS3.

I would love a game like Gears on the PS3. UC2's SP is obviously much better than Gears', but Gears of War seems to have a better MP.

Besides, even if you consider it to be a lesser game, it's still a great game and if I can get my hands on a good game for the PS3 then I will hope for it to happen.

As for Pachter: He's HHG without the "Hip Hop"... and probably the "Gamer" too. I mean seriously, who is he to make false claims like Epic being unhappy with MS?

blue7xx73196d ago

I know right. I doubt Pachter has any connections to epic. Of course they are happy the series is a brand new IP this gen and has already sold 11 million in just 2 games not many games can say that. Why would anyone regret that.

Saaking3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Actually, I'd prefer if they let it go to PC (Just Gears 1 is on PC) instead of the PS3. And no, the MP isn't better. Trust me, it's full of bugs and it's too slow. Takes forever.

Elven63196d ago

Sometimes I wonder why Patcher makes the statements he does, Kotaku usually does an report to see how right the analysts were in the previous year, will be interesting to see what 2009 was like.

Patcher also claimed Epic couldn't "wait to go multiplatform". Funny, I thought Unreal Tournament III was multiplatform! And look at how well that did, it did sell anywhere near what the other UT games did, even the online community has taken a hit. Even the crazy Steam sales weren't enough to help out since the community would drop off shortly after. Shame since UT3 is a great game. On the Xbox 360 version they had to have a sticker that said "From the people who brought you Gears of War" because things had gotten that bad. Plus Gears of War is available on GFWL.

Microsoft Xbox 3603196d ago

Us fanboys in the Open Zone can make more accurate predictions than Pachter.

heroprotagonist3196d ago

Was there any doubt?

Not only does Pachter have a horrible track record for accuracy, but even common sense says that Epic would be very happy with their relationship with Microsoft. Gears of War has been a huge success on the 360.

Tachyon_Nova3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Alpha-Male seems to be implying, although I could be reading too far into his comments, that the PS3 has few good games. and he's right, I only have 35 so far, and 20 more lined up for this year, not enough, is it.

On topic though, I think the fact that you guys take Epic's word as definetly being true is a bit odd. They are hardly going to say, "You know what, he's dead right, Microsoft limits what we can do with our games, and they are worse off for it", or something like that. While they are most likely happy with they're current arrangment, just because they say they are, doesn't mean they are.

SaberEdge3196d ago

Well, all signs point to the idea that they would be happy working with Microsoft so I see no reason to doubt that they are sincere.

SilentNegotiator3196d ago

Because everything Pachter says is the opposite of the truth.

4Sh0w3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

It's not like Rein was going to say Pachter was right even if it were true, since they still have an ongoing business relationship with microsoft. That's just professional courtesy to discuss anything you're "unhappy" about with your business partners in private.

That said Pachter's statement had no merit, nothing concrete to stand on of course any game would sell more if it were multiplat, dev's understand that going into any exclusive deal, but an exclusive deal also has its benefits. Either way its just a foolish statement on his part because the same logic would have to be applied to every exclusive and quite frankly its become obvious that he is actually only involved in gaming for self promotion, his predictions are often either "no duh" type predictions or often outlandish far fetch theories concocted because he knows it will get the fanboys/sites talking= whether its good or bad he knows that the Pachter name stays in the news either way. Rarely have I seen anything he talks about born-out-of some well researched data, which is what should be expected of an analyst. I still don't understand WHY many sites, including the Bonus Round gives him a platform, he's not a dev, not a gaming company rep, I've heard him talk about playing a few games on occasion but I'm not even sure he's really knowledgeable or a huge gamer based on some of his comments about certain games on occasion.

I mean what does he contribute to the gaming community? He has no consistency in predictions= bad analyst, he's not a developer, not a company exec, and he's not even a knowlegdeable gamer.

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TheDeadMetalhead3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Wait, Pachter was actually...wrong?

In other news, water is wet, Sants doesn't exist, and people die when they are killed.

-Alpha3196d ago

Though the 360 has more A-AAA rates games, I was not implying that at all. I was simply saying that why disagree with a great game coming to a new console? It's more money for the devs, and more options for the gamers. It's a win-win situation.

The Lazy One3195d ago

You'd honestly be the first person I came to for an opinion on a 360 game.

I bet you only get struck by lightning twice every time you pick up a 360 controller now...

beardpapa3195d ago

Pachter's always wrong. He's sipping too much of that koolaid.

ThanatosDMC3195d ago

Damn, i want Pachter's high paying job!!! I could twiddle my finger all day and say something completely random and get paid for it! "Green is actually blue!"

SuperM3195d ago

Did anyone here expect Epic to do anything but deny pachters comment even if its true? from a financial standpoint its all about how much microsoft is paying them vs how much a PS3 version would sell. If the PS3 version sold 2 million and epic got 30$ per game sold then thats 60 million dollars. Epic claims that it took 10 million to create gears, so thats enough money to fund 6 new games. But im sure MS spends alot of money in terms of marketing on the game, so hard to say what pays of the most

exnihilonihilfit3195d ago

Pachter did not claim to be a psychic who can read the hearts and minds of the developers at Epic.

He was speaking figuratively in so far as their pocket books/ investors regret having made such a deal. You realize he's a market analyst. All he cares about is money. When he says something will happen or something should happen it's not that he has inside information, it's that he's making a prediction about what would be the most profitable course of action from a business perspective.

I happen to think that strictly speaking in terms of business and profitability most of his "predictions" (about what would make the most money) are correct, even if companies don't act on them. Let me give you an example: When he said there would be a Wii HD, he didn't mean to suggest that Nintendo had or would necessarily act on his hunch, what he meant to say was that Nintendo would probably double their sales if they did such a thing. I happen to think he was right. In any event it's Nintendo's, or in this case Epic's, loss, and not his.

Guido3195d ago

He is a PR specialist and is not going to credit Pachter with telling truth. It is a fact that Epic was upset at their deal with MS for exclusivity after the fact that the first gears sold so well. They knew it could sell well on the PS3 but they were bound by their own contract. In the end, they have only one person to blame and that is themselves. They should have foreseen the popularity of their own game and made the exclusive rights limited. They are upset but Mark is not going to tell you that. He will tell Pachter that in confidence but we all know Pachter can't keep his mouth shut.

orange-skittle3195d ago

talk about quick response and damage control


Just think....if it was true would he admit it...

Pillage053195d ago

Yeah, it was a stupid comment to make...even if it were true Rein would never ever say that publicly.

But gears 1 & 2 both performed great on the 360 alone (better than many multiplats) so they shouldn't have much to complain about. I am however surprised gears 2 hasn't found its way to pcs even over a year since its release.

The Happy Baby3195d ago

when has he ever been right?

Lightsaber3195d ago

I seriously doubt any amount of money they could of got from going multiplat would make up for the support that MS has given them. MS even work with them designing the xbox for what they wanted to create GoW. Then MS went all out on marketing for the game. Do you think GoW would of sold over 5 mil copies if MS didnt market the hell out of it ? If the game wasnt exclusive all the cost of marketing would of fallen on Epic and we all seen what a great job they did marketing Unreal 3 and what great sale that game got.

Now that MS built a name for the game sure they might want to turn around and make it multi plat but I doubt they regret anything.

Solidus187-SCMilk3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

we dindnt need epic to tell us that.

the 2 gears games have been great games and alot of people have enjoyed them, especially considering it is a new ip for this gen.

Few games are nearly as successful as both gears games have been, multiplat or not. When developers have this type of success I dont think that ANY would go back in time and do things differently even if they could.

edit-- what if epic had released it on both ps3/360 and released a crappy ps3 port. They would have lost support of MS, SONY, and would get hated on badly. Things could be much worse for them.

EVILDEAD3603195d ago

I actually like Pachter..but this one was as silly as it got. I salute EPIC for getting ahead of this, before it got out of control.

Anyone notice Cliffy B. has been missing since E3? Really makes me think Gears 3 is on the way.

I don't agree with PlanetXbox360..I doubt the next Gears won't make it onto the PC. Cliffy cited the PC piracy as the reason for excluding the Gears 2.


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UltimaEnder3196d ago

I'm so sick of that guy, Pachter, he gets everyone to listen to him then spouts off junk - kind of like HipHopGamer but with actual pull in the industry - although he shouldn't have it.....

Gogog Epic Games!

PirateThom3196d ago

I'd say most people here have a better idea of how things work than Pachter.

It's these sort of comments that just confirm he has no idea how the industry works, It's shocking that people pay him for this analysis, I know he's not the only one, he's just the most well known.

I'm sure Epic really hate not having to worry about publishing or advertising costs for one of the best selling games this gen.

RememberThe3573196d ago

but there is no bought that the franchise would sell more as multiplatform than it would as exclusive. But that could be said for nearly all exclusive games and it doesn't seem like Konami is pissed about having MGS4 exclusive to the PS3 so I don't really see the point.

Gears of War has been a power house on the 360 Epic would have nothing to complain about.

No matter how big Patcher's mouth is there is some logic in his statement.

RememberThe3573196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

What else would you expect him to say; "We hate being exclusive to Microsoft, and we'd love to have our most successful game on their chief competitors platform?"

UltimaEnder3196d ago

It's a cynical way of thinking that everyone is "bought out" and that these people don't be honest; people that have talked to Epic multiple times off-record know that they are happy at Microsoft, Pachter was just trying to garner's sad!

RememberThe3573196d ago

I would see no reason to sacrifice this alliance just to sell a few more copies of Gears.

dirthurts3196d ago

At this point MS will supply them with anything they need. I wouldn't be surprised if the next Xbox is tailored to the specs that Epic desires for their next game. They doubled the ram on the 360 because Epic stated their game could not run on 256.

Persistantthug3195d ago

This gen, so far, EPIC has been the "go to" of engines, but next gen, there will be others gunning for them like Crytek and ID and others.

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Treyb3yond3196d ago

Are lying if they say they don't want another 3 to 4 million sales. Lets be honest.

And mod, what's with the censorship?? You guys run "news" stories on stuff worse than anything I said!

ukilnme3196d ago

Are lying if they say they don't want another 3 to 4 million sales. Lets be honest. "

Tell that to Konami, Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and every other developer out there making exclusive games on any console.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3196d ago

would be lying if he said he didn't want Gears on the PS3. Lets be honest.


Treyb3yond3195d ago

I already have Gears 1 and 2 on 360....looking forward to Mass Effect 2.

You people assume too much and make yourselves look foolish.

Oh, and most of the developers you mentioned are either first or second party.