Spoilsport: On Gaming's Unhealthy Obsession With Spoilers

Crispy Gamer writes:

"A few weeks ago, I was emailing with a friend about Brütal Legend. He had played and loved the game and thought I was farther along in the story than I was. In fact, I had just begun to play it. In the course of our discussion -- me wondering why the gameplay was boring me to death, he trying to convince me to hang in there -- my friend, in an aside about the story, revealed the content of a late-game surprise. "Oops," I e-mailed back. "I'm not that far yet." He apologized, saying he hoped he had not ruined the game for me. I responded by saying that I really could not care less, since it is rarely the what that affects me when I am playing a game. To me, what happens during the ending of a game is not that interesting. What is interesting is the manner in which the ending of a game is framed and the constellation of detail that accumulates around an ending. As a gamer, I am most affected by the how."

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