Transformers "All Spark" Xbox 360 Mod

IGN writes:

"Due to all the madness from CES and hype surrounding the next wave of tech from Apple, we haven't had too much time to go back to our roots and share some of the best game gear customizations from around the web. One modded Xbox 360 case is so badass though, we are tossing aside any tablet rumors for at least the next 20 minutes and bringing you the awesomeness that is the Transformers-inspired All Spark console."

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THE MAX SPEED 213192d ago

AUTOBOTS transform and roll out!!!!

fear883192d ago

this 360 does not rrod. If it does...time=wasted

Tesselation 3603192d ago

Let hope it wont be done with PS3 cause it will either be stuck with just a yellow colour or it would never transform once the blu pay drive stops working lol.