Dynasty Warriors: Gundam - Screens & Trailer

Like most other big publishers the past few weeks Namco Bandai held its annual gamers day and released 11 new screenshots and a trailer of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

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TheBigL053R4233d ago

Dynasty Warrior Name + Gundam Name = Best Seller

Doesn't even matter if its good.

Phantom_Lee4233d ago

I think only in Japan....
I dont think this game will do well in NA..

InMyOpinion4233d ago

Why is Dynasty Warriors a best seller? Repetitive gameplay + Ps1 graphics = Success?

Merovee4233d ago

Wait... WHAT?

Did Gundam: Mousou become DW: Gundam or is this a second button-mashing plotless crap-fest that I was unaware of?????

What the hell is going on?

Nevermind It's too early for me to care.

calderra4233d ago

Up next: Dynasty Warriors: Madden 2008 edition: XXL: Black

DiLeCtioN4233d ago

the trailer was good loved the blasting powers

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