GameStop offers exclusive DLC with Yakuza 3 pre-order

GameStop is offering the "GameStop Exclusive Challenge Pac" DLC for Yakuza 3 for consumers who pre-order the game in advance.

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luiti13192d ago

great idea to get the sales up, now that FF XIII & GOW III will be out.

gintoki7773192d ago

the more stuff the better so far im getting ff13 gow3 yakuza 3 and .....pokemon soul silver lol maybe gt5 when it comes out. somethings turned me off about ff13 i dont know i think I might purchase it after release lol

Arnon3192d ago

Man Gamestop is actually on a roll here. They're doing a ton of pre-order deals for basically every game coming out this year.

Heavy Rain:

God of War 3:


and so on.

WithMyLastBreath3192d ago

They do have decent incentives BUT I usually shop through Amazon, they almost always have games a couple $ off retail and a lot of titles have bonuses and future gaming credit.

TehCell3192d ago

No way in hell im paying 60 bucks for an 07 game.
I WILL buy it if its at 20-40 bucks.
I played the demo, without knowing japanese, and always wanted to play it, but I guess my hype wore down. Took me about an hour, the japanese psn store was all weird.
If all else fails, theres always rent.

Karooo3192d ago

most probably goes to FFXIII in march then GOW3, damn you sega you should have released it in january.

ABizzel13192d ago


Agreed this game should have came out in January or April. And I kind of agree with TehCell, Yakuza 3 should be discounted to $40.

1. Because none of the previous game sold well in America (cheaper price will get the on the fence guys).

2. The game has been out for a while now, and those who truly wanted this game (die hard fans not people who just enjoy the game for the story) have imported it by now.

3. Yakuza 4 is getting ready to come out in Japan this year.

SaiyanFury3192d ago

I might be in the minority here, but I've been greatly anticipating the game for a long time. Sure, it might be a year or so old, but the series has been so consistently good, that I'm happy to shell out the full price. But then, since I preordered it on Monday, I'm glad that'll shave a few bucks off the price. I always find the games richly rewarding. I won't talk about sales versus FF13, there's no question which will ultimately sell more. All I know is I can't wait to play as Kiryuu-san through this new adventure. Yakuza 2 was bloody good fun, and this looks to improve on every feature that came up in Yakuza 2. Just another month and a bit, and I'll be in Yakuza heaven. :)

OGharryjoysticks3192d ago

And so is White Knight Chronicles 2. Hopefully both games don't take as long to come over this time, but if nobody buys them...

SaiyanFury3191d ago

Hah the Disagreement Phantom is running rampant through this topic. I wonder what the disagreements are about.

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