Recent PS3 Updates Prompt More Complaints of Console Failures

Engadget heard a raft of complaints of Blu-ray drive failures and other issues when Sony rolled out the 3.0 and 3.1 firmware updates for the PlayStation 3, and it looks like things may have taken another turn for the worse with the recent 3.10 and 3.15 updates. While it's a bit early to call things widespread, some forums are once again starting to heat up with reports of various problems that mostly seem to have occurred after the 3.15 update rolled out last month.

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deadreckoning6663196d ago

Zshare stopped working after firmware update 3.10. If anyone uses their PS3 for FREE video streaming, this is a HUGE deal.

Sunny_D3196d ago

Probably trying to stop people using the service, unless they will start charging for it? NOOO!

JsonHenry3196d ago

I haven't even turned mine on in two months. Good thing I haven't I guess. Waiting for Heavy Rain before I even plug it back in.

Skip_Bayless3196d ago

The complaints are obviously fake. Bitter PS3 haters want to play.

Eddie201013196d ago

The Update was up for over a month and was optional before it was made mandatory.

I updated when it was first made available as did many people. I didn't hear anything about it causing problems until it was reported that it is now a mandatory download. None of the Firmware updates, and there have been many, have killed either of my PS3's (A 60gig launch system and my PS3 Slim).

Same reporting from the same websites every time Sony releases a new firmware update.

Hisiru3196d ago

Where is the proof that it's happening?

DevastationEve3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

...what do the ref's say?!

Lol. Anyway, why does any bad news about PS3 have to be fake if anything anti-360 to you guys is DNA-proven and legit from God's own sperm?


Firmware can kill anything. Take my word for it, but if not just improperly flash a motherboard or graphics card and watch the madness ensue. And the subsequent suicide after realizing you can't play your PC games anymore.

It's happened to me. Not the suicide though.

Nikuma3196d ago

How in the eff does a firmware update kill a bluray drive anyways? In my mind that makes zero sense, but I'm not extremely knowledgeable on the matter.

GrandTheftZamboni3196d ago

"why does any bad news about PS3 have to be fake"

This one and other ones implying that updates cause failures are fake. How do I know? Because I updated my PS3 without any issues.

Did anyone else experience problems? Probably, as they did between updates. Unless someone shows stats that failures are occurring more often after updates, this is FUD or just a slow news week. Even then, updates cannot be a sole cause, because as I said my updates went fine.

lokiroo4203196d ago

Oh please, go to the forums, check the users name and see how many trophies they have, just like on the blog, most complaints are from trolls with no record of ps3 gaming.

SilentNegotiator3196d ago

1 paranoid Ps3 gamer + Support from Xbox Fanboys = BS Story.

Somnipotent3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

while some complaints may be made up, but as anyone who reads anything i write, i'm a ps3 owner/support/fan etc. and fw 3.10 messed up my bd drive. fanboys are quick to respond of course because they assume that anything negative about their said console of choice is fake. this is why i refrain from using the term fanboy as a label for myself because i have been burnt by fanboyism. don't believe i have an xbox or ps3? check my tags on both systems...

ThanatosDMC3195d ago

If it's firmware, it cannot affect the hardware. Anyway, if the firmware installation fails there's a backup firmware ready on the PS3 all ready. Just install that again if you really need to then redownload the new firmware.

It's understandable if it was a game like GTA4 which somehow kept freezing and rotating the disk and completely F-ing up my PS3 the night of its release. Great thing there was a patch!

Guido3195d ago

PS3's die just like other consoles die but with fewer cases than the 360 and a touch more than the Wii. Sony's console sits right around the industry standard in failure rate so it's to be expected that some will brick. Coincidentally, some bricked after the firmware update and those who's console died at that time blame it on the update. This happens all the time and should be considered the norm. Only an idiot would write an article about and an idiot would buy into the BS that this is an issue worth reading.

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-Alpha3196d ago

The thing with these Sony updates is that they are always dangerous to a small minority somewhere. I don't understand why it's happening but it's very annoying having to download the latest update in fear of something bad happening. I get very paranoid with something like this.

What's worse is that Sony always has updates, however small, multiple times a year which makes the risk even higher. I wish Sony would make a super big update (like they did with 2.7) and leave it at that for a while. I'm really hoping for a slightly updated interface and I think we will see it with PSN Premium.

Anyways,Sony should really find out what the problem is because it's a bit ridiculous.

Claudinho693196d ago launch day 60gb ps3 says hi

GrandTheftZamboni3196d ago

If my PS3 ever dies, there is a chance it will be few days after some future update, so I can blame it on that.

Elven63196d ago

Haven't had any issues with the console I play on either, just because you don't have an issue with your PS3 doesn't mean no one else will.

Darkstorn3196d ago

My PS3 has never died and I've had it for nearly a year. I only know one person whose console died and it was a 60gb that had been used VERY extensively. Technology doesn't last forever, guys.

SlyGuy3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

got the YLOD quite recently after a moderately large update released around the time of the PS3 Slim Launch. Two of us have 60GIGS and the other guy had an 80GB.

I found that quite FISHY since the timing was right around the hype of the PS3 slim launch (we all ended up buying the SLIM anyway, since the fix was only temporary).

Izanagi3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

My 60gb died couple of days ago. To be honest, I doubt it was because of the new firmware. Most probably died of old age. All I can say it had a good run as I bought it refurbished about 2 years ago. My other "unnamed" console did not last half a year, and It was brand new to boot.

Edit: What I am trying to say here is that people might confuse two different issues here. The first is the increasing YLOD rate of 60gb units, which I think is normal due to their age. The other issues is the "newer" units bricking due to the firmware updates. It might be problematic to isolate the two issues to get accurate failure percentages.

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johnsonbat3196d ago

Unfortunately no lies, My 60gb has just gone down for the 3rd time following an update. I'm just glad i paid for a 5 yr warranty otherwise I'd be poked.

SoapShoes3196d ago

Does not mean it was the update's fault. Come on, if the update caused it wouldn't you think that it caused everyone's to fail or at least the vast majority? No, and I don't know what caused it to fail but it's likely it was just coincidence.

Darkstorn3196d ago

Those disagrees are because people think you're a troll...
people can be so shallow sometimes.

BX813196d ago

@ Estranged... You're an idiot... Really? If this was the case every 360 with the same parts would have RROD. It just happens. Take your shades off and look at the real pic.

johnsonbat3195d ago

No troll here, just telling it like it is. It could well be a coincidence that it has gone down after the last few updates but I doubt it. I'm just extra pissed because I've just bought 9 games in a crazy sale at a local store and now have to wait a few weeks to get my PS3 back.

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Mr Tretton3196d ago

I've been getting some total systems freezes with online games lately, but that's likely just PSN