Potential PS3 Homebrew Exploit Found

According to PS3Gen, PSP developer Placasoft recently found an exploit for the PS3 which works on firmwares 1.80-1.81. The information was discovered via a leak from some forums, and then disseminated without much knowledge of what the exploit is.


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Bill Gates4798d ago

Imagine a PS3 homebrew in the future that would allow it to play 360 games?.......How crazy would that be.

Phantom_Lee4798d ago

Im sure some guy in China is trying to do that now..

weekapaugh4798d ago

The 360 games would look better on the PS3 and the discs wouldn't get scratched.

bootsielon4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

And the reverse would be impossible too. The architectures are so different that the games wouldn't work properly on neither platform. Furthermore, you need RAM, and processing time for emulation; especially a ton if you need to emulate these two beasts. So that would be impossible. Consider it debunked, before some retarded Xbots start bashing you.

Kyur4ThePain4798d ago

Bubble for ya for that comment.

sadiq4798d ago

i was thinking about that, 360 emulator on linux? oh ho ho

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Premonition4798d ago

Looks like he was trying to get warhawk to work, but couldnt.

Maddens Raiders4798d ago

but what the He77 is the xploit? It looks like the wallpaper was changed due to the app, but what is it...some kind of emulator for other games burned copid or otherwise? I have no idea.

Anyway this is going to get super huge (PN3 modding) and I really hope it doesn't adversely affect everyone elses good ideas as far as UGC. As long as these things are kept in checdk everyone should get along fine. But once someone's money is infringed upon ~ Look out!

On that note Bill (above) I expect to see some nutjob running GeoW on the PS3 before Halloween '07. That will surely raise some brows and bring new meaning to "gaming 3.0." Welcome to the darkside.

Mycococo4798d ago

he shouldnt have advertized it before it works. now sony is going to find the exploit and fix it

Odion4798d ago

Madden Raider you do realize that GOEW won't work on PS3 because it was built around the 512 ram found in the 360. So unless someone is going to rewrite the entire thing i wouldn't get to excited about this.

Maddens Raiders4798d ago

I'm not excited. I was simply making a sarcastic statement regarding the determination of moddrs / hackers to impose their will on console manufacturers FTW! Please don't get your dander up so high mate. =]

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