WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 Screenshots

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 has gotten more screenshots released. Pro-G has 5 new shots put up of what's sure to be a great 2007 release.

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Diselage4774d ago

Screenshots look great, just hope the reinvent the game a little bit. It's starting to get the madden syndrome.

Phantom_Lee4774d ago

I agree with you...1000%
I just they add new moves

Diselage4774d ago

At this point anything new would be great, the only that is new every year is the graphics.

DiLeCtioN4774d ago

looks gr8 but too bd its not on my list

Diselage4774d ago

Yeah way to many other great games coming out to worry about another yearly title of this.

sonarus4774d ago

ahhh must buy. This was the reason i bought a 360 to play S vs R 2007. Def on my list for ps3 though in my opinion jst another game that would play better on ps3. Hopefully they re invent it though. With the space available in blu ray i would like to see them input more characters but i doubt it. I know tons of ppl will disagree but this is jst another case of 360 holdin ps3 back

DaddyDC6504774d ago

Looking nice so far. Hoping it plays better than ever. =)

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