First Wii Black Box, Best Box Art Ever?

Nintendo plans to ship the first Wii game in a black box when it releases Zangeki no Reginleiv, a gory giant slaying action game, this February in Japan. Is Nintendo starting to give mature titles extra marketing push?

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indiemike3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

First red for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, now black. What next? BLUE? Nah, sounds too crazy, even for Nintendo.


On a serious note, I highly doubt they'll do this for North America. They take risks like this for Japan.

IanCube3217d ago

Blue would be great for that upcoming Endless Ocean 2 sequel...afterall it is called "Forever Blue" in Japan.

Sunny_D3217d ago

Why it got to be black, huh? Lol, j/k

DigitalHorror813217d ago

I want to point out that the Wii has made so much money--little of that money was from M rated games on Nintendo platforms, be it the DS family or the Wii. Developers know this too. Look at 360 and PS3. The more adult, 'hardcore' gamer platforms. These are where the "M" games flourish. While the DS and Wii may get more M titles in the future, they are not essential to the life of either. Just wanted to point that out.

Seferoth753217d ago

I wouldnt say M games flourish on PS3 with sales of Dragon Age, Bioshock, Borderlands and so many others bombing. You will not find games of that caliber bombing on Wii.

IanCube3217d ago

@Seferoth75: Yeah its like that story recently about the WiiWare developer who said people should stop crying about poor sales of M titles and just make good games.

Parapraxis3217d ago

You will not find games of that calibre on Wii.


pcz3217d ago

A one off black case is nice

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IanCube3217d ago

The D rating in Japan is liken to an M rating on ESRB here in the US, so maybe this is a sign Nintendo is starting to really give extra marketing thought to mature titles on Wii?

indiemike3217d ago

Let alone the fact that this is a Nintendo-published title.

Idea: could Retro Studios be working on a sequel/next game in the series for Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem?

Like I said, though, a mature game in Japan is one thing. Worldwide is another. Look at what happened with Fatal Frame IV.

ScottBarkman3217d ago

As much as I would love to belive that - I find it hard to think Nintendo is starting get the picture... And even if they are... Too little too late. Not that I'm against Ninetendo, I just think there needs to be a major shift in theur marketing devision

IanCube3217d ago

@indiemike I think this could totally go worldwide, don't Wii gamers everywhere complain about not enough mature titles?

IanCube3217d ago

@ScottBarkman What would you want them to do to change their direction? Be specific.

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indiemike3217d ago

Yes, they do, but I don't think Nintendo cares that much.

See, I think their image in the US is much different than the image they maintain in Japan. They seem to keep a much more "clean" image in the US, which generally (as far as I understand) is a lot more sensitive to gory, mature games.

GFahim3217d ago

that the new zelda wii game comes out in a GOLD case!

qface643217d ago

actually yeah just like the cold zelda cartridges

Somnipotent3217d ago

we're excited for black? all my gamecube games come in black cases :)

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