Microsoft confirms 17-year-old Windows bug

Computer World writes: "Microsoft late yesterday issued its second advisory of the last week, warning users that a 17-year-old bug in the kernel of all 32-bit versions of Windows could be used by hackers to hijack PCs."

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PirateThom4024d ago

Well, didn't take them long getting round to fixing it.

Sunny_D4024d ago

Too little, too late, Microsoft. :/

Elven64024d ago

A good chunk of 32 Bit software was affected by this, including Vista.

The bug itself was only found yesterday by a Google employee, its been in the system for 17 years but no one knew about it. :P

captain-obvious4024d ago

"was only found yesterday by a Google employee"

oh god
and Google is making that new OS
now i know that Google OS may not be a success
but i know that it'll be real stable and good

LukaX234024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Yes, Microsoft is the world leading software company. They truly are putting their billions of dollars to work. This is fantastic, just fantastic. /sarcasm

Update: Sorry, I had to add more. "BU BU BU WINDOWS 7 IS BETTERRRR!"

Elven64024d ago

If you have a 64 bit system this won't even affect you, even if you have Windows 7.

I've switched over to 64 bit with Vista, haven't looked back since.

Nihilism4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

WHat's your point, i've been using 64 bit OS for years and i've never had BSOD or any crashes with vista even since launch ( and I was using a crappy laptop when it first came out ), the Windows problems are massively exaggerated. Windows IS the best operating system. Don't go assuming that because I like Windows that I have some love for Microsoft, because I don't.

What OS are you rolling there homeboy??, let me guess?, Windows XP?

Thought so tool, just shut it.


My first copy of Vista at launch was 32bit windows Vista - Business, and I still never had a problem at all, that computer has never had to be formatted in 3 years.

Proxy4024d ago

By what standard? Does never needing to format and never crashing constitute the ultimate operating system? If so I submit my cell phone OS as a contender for the title.

Although, I do like Vista, and it's been good to me. You can't claim it's the best.

(This message was submitted using the internet, which is not built on Windows Vista.)

Nihilism4024d ago

I could post an enormous list as to why windows OS's are the best, but I don't care that much.

Functionality and support are one of them.

If Mac OS didn't have it's propriety music programs, I could guarantee that overnight the number of Mac OS users would halve.

and WTF are you on about, did I say that the internet was exclusive to MS???, so seem to have me confused with a MS fanboy, which I am not.
You're arguing with something I did not say.

ChozenWoan4024d ago

Which in turn brings more money into their pockets so I'm not surprised by this one bit. If they would have said this before Windows 7 was on the market, you can bet that more people would have switched to Linux or OSX faster than you can click agree or disagree.

Elven64024d ago

How? This issue is present in ALL 32 bit Windows OS's that have the effect kernel, that includes Windows 7.

It's being patched anyway in all versions of Windows still supported by Microsoft. (XP, Vista, 7, etc)

Proxy4024d ago

I could refute that list, but you haven't posted it yet.

Christopher4024d ago

Actually, the Google employee reported this vulnerability, all the code for identifying it, and a document on how to temporarily prevent it, more than a few months ago.

And this is still a big issue since most businesses are staying with the 32-bit systems. I know specifically that businesses that use Cisco VPN services, like most government agencies and people who work with them use, require the use of a 32-bit Windows OS.

Eddie201014024d ago

Good to see that Microsoft is on top of things (Sarcasm)

SilentNegotiator4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Should be in the dictionary, next to "Unacceptable"

LOL, Microsoft is always trying to downplay other browsers and lift their God-forsaken browser up by saying it's the most widely owned.....thanks to the fact that it's fricking pre-loaded on half of the world's computers....

Rhythmattic4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )


"If Mac OS didn't have it's propriety music programs, I could guarantee that overnight the number of Mac OS users would halve. "

Believe what you will, But believe me with this:-

When Logic was on PC and Mac, (before apple acquired emagic, and made logic 1st Party) I still chose a Mac. As did 99.9% of all my clients.

PS Hey, Protools is on Pc and Mac, and again, 99% of my client base ran Mac.

So Back at Ya.

I could post an enormous list as to why Mac OS's is better, (as is wndows for games) but I don't care that much.

vhero4023d ago

honestly its what you get when your lazy building on older versions of windows instead of brand new builds each time.

iforgotmylogin4023d ago

this is just a push Microsoft in the 90's had

young bill gates " yea in 2010 we will tell the the exploit it will be a good reason to get them to move to 64 and 128 bit os "640K ought to be enough for anybody." "

too bad they found out almost made it

GiantEnemyCrab4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Well as a music writer/producer myself I chose PC. Mac's work great for people who don't know computers and every musician I know who uses a Mac agree's with me.

Rhythmattic4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )


Youre Right.... Mac users , They dont know computers... Typical Winblows User Response.

95% of the world computer users use windows, BUT , 95% of all professional music studio's here use Mac.

PS. If you owned a Mac, your post would be very different.

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Bathyj4024d ago

Wow, thats older than half the posters here.

Christopher4024d ago

I'm just glad I'm (barely) younger than twice the age of the bug.

riksweeney4023d ago


If there was a comment of the month award, you'd win it.

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dirthurts4024d ago

It took hackers this long to find it? At least they fessed up to it. No cover ups.
I'm glad to be 64bit. 32 is such a vulnerability.

evilmonkey5014023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

someone in china knew...that's how they found out.The chinese government hack squad (lol)... used it on them.

Comedy4024d ago

'Well regardless of your age, your comment ( the first fanboy comment here ) shows that your maturity is no where near that of a 17 year old. Exit stage left captain planet.'


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