The Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer Has It All (High Quality)

Action, adventure, drama, and even a little romance, the launch trailer for Mass Effect 2 covers all the bases.

BioWare sure knows how to put together a trailer, don't they? This Mass Effect 2 launch trailer looks like more of a movie trailer than anything from a video game, which is completely appropriate when you consider how much time and effort the developers have spent creating the fictional universe for the game. If anticipation levels for the game could get any higher, this would be the trailer to make it happen.

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THE MAX SPEED 213194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Win. that's like one of the best Soundtrack I ever heard in a Trailer and the Voice acting is TOP NOTCH.


4Sh0w3194d ago

I think I might just have a new favorite game this gen.

TenSteps3194d ago

I loved it and seems to have more cinemtic action flick moments than the first one and that's a plus for me.

ArmrdChaos3194d ago

It appears Bioware has got it down to a science...amazing.

Christopher3194d ago

My wife is so going to be pissed next week.

Boldy3194d ago

It's in even better quality on gametrailers. At least the audio doesn't sound like you're hearing it through a wall.

Alcon Caper3194d ago

Added the Gametrailer Version in the Alt Sources. Thx!!

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Alcon Caper3194d ago

Heh, this trailer is great. It's so cinematic, especially with Martin Sheen's familiar voice and that smooth soundtrack. It's just one of those memorable epic trailers that they should show in theaters. Amazing.

chrisulloa3194d ago

Wow, they're not making the wait for Mass Effect 2 easy are they? They keep on releasing more and more, I can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.