Even more Zelda Wii information leaked?

We recently received a small batch of Zelda Wii Rumors, but it appears another list, aptly named "The Ten Commandments," has emerged.
We anxiously await footage or screen of this new title, but these leaked rumors will have to suffice for now.

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nogolis3195d ago

If it's not top down/birds eye view 2-d... I don't care. I might, just might look at it if it is 3-d and retained Wind Wakers art style, though. Mature Zelda blows goats.

Government Cheese3195d ago

Whaaat. #10 makes me want to cry if its true...

Blaster_Master3195d ago

This is my personal most anticipated game coming out this year.

AEtherbane3195d ago

I too hope this really isnt the last installment in the series... that would be absolutely terrible

loo3195d ago

Can anyone post the speculations from the site onto the comments... I can't see them

tunaks13195d ago

this will be the game that will get the most play time on my wii
After reading these "leaked" rumors im going to back and play some ALTTP Oot, MM, WW, TP
ah nostalgia, theres no other game that can match this.

AEtherbane3195d ago

Or follow the Link:

Some weeks ago an editor of a big italian website (spaziogames) have revealed 10 news about zelda... the source is liable but I can't confirm or deny anithing.

This is the 10 commandments:

1) The development of the game began in Febraury 2006
2) The development team is the largest ever used by Nintendo for the realization of a game
3) The game will implement many ideas never met in a video game ever
4) The use of the Wii Motion Plus will be a imprenscindibile component for the dynamics of the game
5) The new Link will be much more mature, but the dark atmospheres of Twilight Princess will be left
6) The Master Sword will play a key role in the history of the origin of the Legend, there is a reason if it not appear in the artwork
7) At now is the only game that uses 100% of Wii hardware, at the same time the current power of Wii is not enough to achieve that result
8) The appearance of Link will be renovated but not be completely unprecedented
9) The plot will be the most articulate ever devised for an episode of Zelda
10) may be the last chapter of the saga

JosiahB3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Yeah it seems these are probably fake.