Burnout Paradise Getting New DLC Bundle Prices

Now that Criterion Games has finished producing downloadable content for Burnout Paradise, they're going to start lowering the price. They intend to sell bundles of the DLC on the cheap.

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Shmotz3219d ago

I only have whats on the disc but I would love to get all the DLC

Motion3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I have this game for PC, and honestly, I didn't really care for the way the handled the DLC. They patched the original game, so that all the DLC shows up on the menu, but then if you try to play it, you are told to go buy it. If I haven't purchased the DLC to a game, it shouldn't show up on the main menu. It really gave you the overall impression of playing an unfinished game. I know, they have to advertise it somehow, but this just seemed a little tactless to me.

On a side note though, this is an awesome game, and I've been debating buying the whole schebang again on PS3 for the multiplayer games. Lowering the prices may convince me to do that.

Edit:Sorry, wasn't supposed to be a reply...too late now though

EvilCackle3219d ago

As long as the base game itself is big enough to justify a purchase, I don't mind a company plugging their DLC in-game. Lot easier to reach the less hardcore fans who don't browse gaming news sites or Xbox Live/PSN.

FamilyGuy3219d ago

It makes you feel like you're playing a demo with content locked off like that. Note that if you buy the PS3 version for multi-player the LOCAL multi-player wasn't included at launch and currently cost $10 as DLC. It should hopefully be around $5 after this price though.

Charging for a local 2 player mode in a racing game is the shadiest thing i've seen when it comes to DLC. Content already on the disc doesn't even compare since this game should NEVER have shipped without a local multi-player option.

spunnups3219d ago

I cannot wait to hear what Criterion is doing next.

ThatArtGuy3219d ago

EA had them take over the NFS franchise.

TheIneffableBob3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

New Need for Speed game.


fan_of_gaming3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

just got the platinum trophy for it today. I have all the DLC for it already but hopefully their new pricing entices some more people to pick up the DLC as Criterion gave Burnout players alot of things for free through patches that they could of sold as DLC, bikes for example.

W S K3219d ago

i just bought all the DLC (except the toy cars) one month ago :\

maybe i can get them cheaper now (was not totally convinced to buy it for 630 M$ points)

Burnout still RAWKS!!! :D

SixTwoTwo3219d ago

They should just re-release it with all the DLC on the disc.

PirateThom3219d ago

They did, Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box.

Motion3218d ago

I have ultimate box, it doesnt' have all the DLC. It comes with the 2 player local multiplayer and the bikes. Doesn't have they toy cars or some of the supercars, or the additional island area they added.