How Halo: Reach Will Deal With Loss

From Terminal Gamer:

Reach Will Fall, But Small Victories Will Be Paramount

January 21, 2010 - Halo: Reach's characters are doomed from the start. 700 million inhabitants of Reach are going to die. And yet, this is the world that Halo: Reach takes place in. It's a bold move for Bungie, the developers of the Halo series. The idea of getting players involved in a storyline that's doomed from the start seems to be a tall order.

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THE MAX SPEED 213190d ago

the 1st Halo game I Will buy! Can't wait

Bungie3190d ago

every time i read Reach story

i shed a tear

so sad :(

xenogamer3190d ago

I read the fall of reach and think Eric Nylund did a great job, its my favorite Halo Novel, i hope they dont bend the Canon for their own needs, seems kinda cheap, i hope we get to see red team. Also i saw the new screens that EB showed and the game doesnt really look like the trailer they showed at the VGA's, kinda disappointed... That being said, its still my Number 1 most anticipated game!!!

3190d ago
-MD-3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

They already said fans of the book will be disappointed because it won't be canon, this is an entirely new story.

@Grammar police above, nice job on "discusting".

xenogamer3190d ago

they never said they were breaking canon, just some things that hardcore fans arent going to like, they said they treat all the books and comic books, and now the anime as official canon, duh Halo reach is a new story, but thy were implying they might be bending it a smidge, like the whole existence of the spartan 3s being on reach, and wearing Mjiolnir armor and stuff, stuff like that.

Aquarius3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Also, can I just ask a question?

I never see HALO novels when I walk into a game-store, so it just boggles my mind why HALO the game is regarded as really really good by HALO fans and the majority of them don't even read the books?
I know it always has a huge ad campaign but it seems the novels are of better quality than the games or am I mistaken?

Muderdolls no-one asked your opinion.

003190d ago

Are you goddamn stupid, of course your not going to see a novel in a game-store that's why there are places called BOOK stores.

da720izcumin3189d ago

no need to curse @ the man...just tell him where he could find it, you could try online stores....

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Godmars2903190d ago

You "lose" the whole freaking colony by the end of it!

Bungie's real challenge will be to make you care for your squad mates, some if not all probably wont live through the episode.

Raf1k13190d ago

This is the 1st Halo game after Halo: CE that I've actually had an interest in. Sounds very interesting.

blue7xx73190d ago

That's awesome that you play the game in hopes to save it yet no matter what you do it will all fail regardless.

ukilnme3190d ago

Yep, failure is inevitable but I hope the ride makes it worth it.

da720izcumin3189d ago

this one is gonna b even better than the last ones.....
cant wait, a first day buy, no matter wat.

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The story is too old to be commented.