Against All Odds: Uncharted Quality vs. Modern Warfare Quantity

PushSquare's willxcore discusses the difference between Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' critical acclaim and Modern Warfare 2's astounding sales.

"willxcore", PushSquare: "Someone grab that little dude with the funny suit from Braid because I'm about to take you on a trip through time. Rewind the clocks back to November 2006 when Sony released the Playstation 3 upon the world. It was met with feverish anticipation and was considered the second, err, third coming of the great Playstation home console series. All was good with the world. That is, until it was decided by people who write important things on the Internet that the PS3 had "no good games" on it. Apparently this was because of a unique infrastructure that caused developers to either shy away from creating games for the console at all, or just making shitty ports of XBOX 360 games that didn't show off what the PS3 was really made of."

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THE MAX SPEED 213219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Playstation fansite saying that you should get Uncharted2 instead of MW2.

dint expected that. /s

edit:@ below

Yeah MW2 is also on PS3 but believe me. Based on what I'Ve seen on N4G and all those websites , "Multiplats" games cant be as good as a Sony exclusive title. Multiplats cant score as much as a Sony Exclusive. Thats a no no . they dont like that


I also think Uncharted 2 is GOTY and i also would have picked UC2 over MW2. I'm just saying he wouldnt have said otherwise even if the game wasnt that good.

Just because I said that he wouldnt have said otherwise because it's a sony site means I like MW2 over UC2.

Fishy Fingers3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Uncharted was widely considered GOTY, so I'd imagine many people would promote it over MW2, be that a PS site or not. Plus MW2 is also on the PS so it's rather irrelevant.

Still, it's an opinion, you prefer MW2, go play and enjoy.

Edit; Dude, how many times do you need to change your post, and by "you prefer MW2", I was speaking in a general term directed at anyone who may prefer MW2.

Pennywise3219d ago

Anyone with half a head would do the same :)

THE MAX SPEED 213219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )


I added stuff to my post Responding to the 1st part of your comment and When I saw

"Still, it's an opinion, you prefer MW2, go play and enjoy."

I made the 2nd Edit Saying

"Just because I said that he wouldnt have said otherwise because it's a sony site Doesnt mean I like MW2 over UC2."

Thinking you were Responding to me since your comment is Labeled Under REPLY of my comment.

you happy?

deadreckoning6663219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

"PushSquare's willxcore discusses the difference between Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' critical acclaim and Modern Warfare 2's astounding sales."

Funny, I thought Modern Warfare 2 had critical acclaim as well.

Games Radar-10
Giant Bomb-10
OXM UK- 10

Its amazing how people think MW2 is all sales no quality.

Myze3219d ago


Except a whole bunch of us have played both games and find it pretty obvious that a "10" for one game can be a hell of a lot better than a "10" for another. After you have actually played a game, reviews mean nothing. MW2 is overrated, UC2 is not and it doesn't matter if it's a ps3 site or not, either. MW2 is not a bad game, but it is very buggy and very much a minor improvement over CoD4.


"Playstation fansite saying that you should get Uncharted2 instead of MW2.

dint expected that. /s"

That makes no sense. What? Do you expect them to say you should get MW2, just so they don't appear biased? If they think UC2 is the better game, they are right to say it's the better purchase. You can't claim that they would have said it's a better game, even if they didn't think so, because that's not the case here. That is, unless they've done a lot of that in the past, but I'm not really familiar with the site.

thereapersson3218d ago

Numerous accolades in graphics, storytelling and cohesive gameplay, as well as GAME LENGTH (something that MW2 can't begin to boast) all make for the ultimate gaming experience in Uncharted 2

Raf1k13218d ago

From what I can tell you're just making the assumption that he would have said what he did anyway as you've not stated why you think that's the case.

Sure, it's possible that might be the case but there's no need to go jumping to conclusions.

I played the MW2 campaign which was pretty good but it just didn't have the polish I've come to expect from CoD games in the past. That boat chase in the last mission was fast and frantic but it wasn't good as it feel like a boat chase at all.

kaveti66163218d ago

I played Modern Warfare 2 for like 3 hours, so most of the campaign. It's definitely not for me. It's too fast-paced and linear. If anything, Modern Warfare 2 turned me off to these linear shooter games. Even Uncharted 2 seems to linear to me now. I'd rather play an RPG where I can explore places at my whim and decided who I want to kill and for what purposes. Infinity Ward could have just created a CGI movie and sold it for 15 bucks, because that's all the campaign was for me.

Bigpappy3218d ago

I said the same thing in 1 line. Millions of other people prefer MW2. I guess they are just bias or misguided. Oh well, I guess this is what blogs are for.

mikeslemonade3218d ago

If MW2 was a PS3 exclusive it would beat Uncharted 2 on my belief. It would have better graphics because it's really obvious that the 360 is holding back development on multiplatform games. It took me a few play sittings to adjust to MW2's graphics because Uncharted just looked way better. When I first popped in MW2 the only good thing about the graphics were the gun and the enviroments were just average.

badz1493218d ago

1 is a genuine GoTY and 1 of the best if not the best game this gen and the other 1 is an overhyped POS! but people do enjoy both games although more people are buying the POS side of the 2! I'm ok either way because I got to play the game I've always wanted and noob shooter fans got to play theirs!

randomwiz3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

", it didn’t make that big of a wave in the sales department. "

Funny, uncharted 2 is approaching 3m in sales and they consider it as selling bad.

They're comparing these 2 games. Obviously, uncharted sales are a fraction of mw sales. And mw quality, is not up to uncharted 2(the glitches are getting annoying now)

personally, i think both games were great sales wise, and quality wise. I have to applaud IW on the ps3 version for including stuff like xgame invite, offline profiles, etc. BUT, the glitches and my most hated thing - noob tubing - are getting really annoying

Darkstorn3218d ago

Modern Warfare 2 is a great game, but it doesn't even touch the best game of 2009 - Uncharted 2.

AKNAA3218d ago

Okay, so you AGREED that uncharted 2 is better than mw2 and deserves GOTY... So what was the point in mentioning this remark you made??:

"Based on what I'Ve seen on N4G and all those websites , "Multiplats" games cant be as good as a Sony exclusive title. Multiplats cant score as much as a Sony Exclusive. Thats a no no"

are you implying that the only reason he chose uncharted 2 was because he didn't want to get on the so called "sony fanboy's" bad side?!
Maybe you should read the article, because it explains why he prefers uncharted 2 over mw2...

ape0073218d ago

they are both amazing and simply goty material

but I find myself addicted to mw2,there's no denying that IW did a phenomenal job with the three game modes, if you extract any mode and made it a standalone game, trust me that game would still be amazing

in the overall graphical polish and level of quality I gotta give uncharted 2 the edge, in the single player mode uncharted 2 is better, storytelling better in uncharted 2, don't get me wrong mw had awesome thriller of a single player but it was short

uncharted 2 got multiplayer but I didn't get well into it and no need to talk about mw2 online component

both games have amazing soundtrack and control

uncharted 2 shows a HUGE leap in gfx and quantity

mw2 was a good improvement in gfx and huge upgrade in quantity, man spec ops is brilliant

mw2 is overall more addictive

both studios are great,I salute you naughty dog and IW, you pushed the bar, well done

FamilyGuy3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I guess you're ignoring all the online glitches then? Quality, means nothing apparently, Gears 2s online needed tons of patching too and it's scores didn't get knocked down for it either. Had it been payed attention to or not ignored a lot of those MW2 tens would not have been.

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blizzard_cool3219d ago

I'll take UC2 over MW2 anytime. I just prefer it more. I even enjoy the MP more. Maybe it's just because I suck a MW2 MP but I stick to that what's more fun ;)

deadreckoning6663219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

"MW2 is overrated, UC2 is not and it doesn't matter if it's a ps3 site or not, either. MW2 is not a bad game, but it is very buggy and very much a minor improvement over CoD4."

I also think Modern Warfare 2 is overrated. In fact, I'd take Killzone 2 over MW2 any day. But theres a reason for that. I suck at Modern Warfare 2. Why? Because I barely played COD4. U stick to games that you don't suck at. This is the same reason why COD fanboys hate on Killzone 2 because when they make the transition, they suck..HORRIBLY.

Im a KZ2 fanboy because thats primarily all I know as far as next-gen shooters are concerned. However, if I decided to buy COD4 instead of KZ2 2 years ago, I'd be a COD fanboy. U stick to what you know. MW2 isn't a bad game, its just that we don't PREFER it.

deadreckoning6663218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

@thereaperperson- If its so OBVIOUS that Uncharted 2 is the better game then why did more people choose MW2 over Uncharted 2? Im not saying sales EQUAL the better game, what I'm saying is that YOUR opinion of whats "obvious" isn't the same as the MAJORITY of PS3 owners.

Why didn't most PS3 owners in Holiday 2009 gravitate to what was "obviously" the better game?

If you haven't noticed by now, World at War map packs have been the top selling item on the PSN store for a LOOOONG time. Why aren't KZ2 map packs on top? Why isn't LBP DLC above World at War DLC? U don't understand that LOADS of PS3 owners bought a PS3 just to play MW2 without having to pay for online. MOST-PS3-OWNERS-DON'T-CARE-ABO UT-EXCLUSIVES...thats the reality of the situation.

Btw: Ur trying to compare a TPS to an FPS :/

CyberCam3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I'll bite... it's because MW was made with quality and everyone expected MW2 to be the same. Not to mention the tremendous amount of hype from the media & fans alike, many players told their online friends it's a must buy before researching it's quality? That's why it sold a sh!t load... but it didn't have the same quality as it's predecessor, just go to any Gamestop to see how many used copies are on the shelf at present.

As well, FPS seem to be all the rage in this generation of gaming, just take a look at how many FPS have been released since 2005, when the first next-gen console was sold. It seem as if a game is not worth buying if you don't have a floating gun on your screen these days! The fighting genre seem to be dying out slowly and the once very popular platformer genre all but dead, you can count them on one hand, the ones that have been released this gen... a shame really. At least the action/adventure, driving and RPG genres are still alive & kicking... for now.

The way things are going, we soon might only have 1-3 genres that devs are willing to take a chance on. Thank God for Heavy Rain at least there is one dev that is trying to think outside the box and bring us something unique & fresh! And who do we have to thank for all this glorious FPS goodness... why the everyday average intelligent so call self proclaimed hardcore gamers out there. /s

BTW just my opinion.

randomwiz3218d ago

your contradicting yourself here.

The answer to comment 2.2 is 2.1

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unrealgamer583219d ago

uc2 is the moon and mw2 is a monkey on the highest branch of a tree trying to reach it. =]

deadreckoning6663219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

And UR entitled to your opinion

Btw: I think Killzone 2 is a better than UC2. KZ2 multiplayer is IN-CREDIBLE...if ur good like me :)

table3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Uncharted2 multiplayer is ok but I still prefer MGO for a 3rd person online game. KZ2 online is unbelievable, I put so many hours into the game. I'm not a CoD fan either but I still think it has a better multiplayer than uncharted.

TehCell3219d ago

Everyone knows a multiplat is always horrible. Sony exclusive games are the ones that are played by REAL gamers. Anything else is for teh casuals.

Bathyj3219d ago

Multiplats CAN be just as good.

They're just usually NOT.

Raf1k13218d ago

There's nothing stopping multiplats from being as good as the best PS3 exclusives when it comes to story-telling and gameplay.

The only way multiplats will reach PS3 exclusive visuals is if they make the game from the ground up for the PS3 and also for the 360 but that's just not feasable for a multiplat as you'd have to develop one game from the ground up twice.

TehCell3218d ago

oh u guys took me seriously?
i lied, mw2 is better than mag.
army of 2 is better than uc2.
dark void is better than infamous.

dont be mad, i calls em how i sees it.

DigitalAnalog3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Change your username to TehJasper because apparently you have a LOT of issues that needs fixing.

-Go Figure!

randomwiz3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

"oh u guys took me seriously? "
no, people were giving you a chance to start a mature discussion.

"dont be mad, i calls em how i sees it. "
your "call" would be more accurate without your fanboy goggles.

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Fatal Blow3219d ago

I have for my ps3 only 4 multiplat that is mw2,fifa 10,streetfighter 4,tekken 6 and the rest are only ps3 exclusive i some time wander if sony did not have any ps3 exclusive how the gaming world will be like no great games lol

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