The Most Influential Games of the Decade: Grand Theft Auto III

Gaming Target writes: "Because the open-world "genre" is less of a genre and more of a gameplay style, it's persevered quite well despite so many games using the formula. Take a look at that list of games it influenced – while some are obvious tributes (Saints Row in particular), some of them took a very different direction. After all, you can't throw cars at other cars or jump 50 feet high in GTA, but you can in Crackdown. A game like Demon's Souls gives you numerous paths to the end and stages can be carried out however you wish. Persona 3 and 4 offer a sandbox take on the Japanese RPG, in that every in-game day can be carried out in a very different way each time you play through it, and its your call how to progress. It's the kind of innovation that can spread anywhere without taking away the genre itself."

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