NVIDIA's GeForce GF100 Under the Microscope

Hardware Canucks: "NVIDIA has been extremely tight-lipped about all things Fermi ever since the GTC but from the information we received from our moles within their Santa Clara offices, things were moving along at a quick pace. New technologies were being developed to showcase the chip's advanced capabilities, features were being toyed with, drivers were written and TSMC was pistol-whipped into shape after showing disappointing yields on early silicon. As CES rolled around, NVIDIA wanted to put most of their cards on the table and finally disclosed how they have adapted Fermi's architecture for the consumer GPU marketplace. This included selective tech demos and hardware being shown on the show floor as well as all-day "Deep Dive" briefings for select journalists being conducted behind the scenes. We attended one of these briefings and in this article we will finally shed some light on the technologies that will make the Fermi architecture hum along in games and other 3D apps."

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Letros3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Anticipating some neutral benchmarks (Anandtech/Guru3d/Tom's), pricing, and official TDP.

Go go GPU competition!

hoops3193d ago

Same here. I await independant and not simulated benchmarks. Also I find it interesting they never "simulated" the 5970 as that card will be inline with price and power consumption of the GF100 even though its a dual GPU.

ProjectVulcan3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Well they wont simulate the 5970. Because the radeon is going to be quite a bit faster at least if this benchmark is anything to go by. I found a benchmark which has identical settings and a very similar setup......5970 manages quite a bit more in both resolutions in Far Cry 2. Granted the processor is running a tad faster (3.5 v 3.2) but really, not enough to be significant.


GF100 works out about to be about 20 percent slower on the minimum framerates. Bear in mind some things here. Far cry 2 is a TWIMTBP game, it has always favoured nvidia hardware especially noticeable at high resolutions and AA settings. Radeon 5970 drivers are a bit pish right now and will have had a few revisions before GF100 hits. Notice nvidia have also refrained from running the game in DX10.1- which 5870 and GF100 should be perfectly capable of doing. Hmmm. Odd no?

Ati reaction? cert on to drastically cut the price of 5870 when this thing launches, They can afford to. It wouldnt surprise me one bit if they price 5970 close to this, and make it a difficult choice. 5870 will be 6 months old in march believe it or not. Its not a stretch to imagine Ati will have a 5890 readied within a few months of this launch in the summer. Prices will tumble. Cue hotshots paraphrase: 'GPU war....its fantastic!'