Tatsunoko vs Capcom Producer: Exclusive to Wii

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Producer Ryota Niitsuma recently spoke about the future of the game. Primarily, as many fans may be hoping, whether it would go multi-platform.

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IanCube3218d ago

This is great news for Wii fans, now actually support the game and buy it.

qface643218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

this game will always remain wii exclusive it won't come to the PS3/360 but if they make a sequel though that might go multi

it has already been said that it would make more sense for the sequel to be multi plat

Smacktard3218d ago

Except the fact that he POINTS OUT that it's Wii exclusive probably means now moreso than ever that it's going to eventually be ported %D

baum3218d ago

If you didn't buy it in the first place why would you know? Anyway, this game would probably sell more on PS3. But again, it's Capcom's loss, not PS3 owners since PS3 owners have SFIV, SSFIV, Tekken 6, MK vs DC, Virtua Fighter 5, Soul Calibur 4, King of Fighters XII, BlazBlue, Bloody Roar, SSFII:HDR, etcetera.

Do you guys even trust Capcom's word? This reminds me of the time where RE4 producer said that he would chop his head off if the game was ported to another platform just to give gamecube owners an assurance that it would remain exclusive. PC, PS2, and hell even a rehash for Wii later, do you still? Remember Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry,... I mean seriously, Capcom probably meant "for now", and you guys know it.

oli3218d ago

i dont wanna buy this, but just b cuz it has Viewtiful Joe makes me wanna buy itt!!

menoyou3218d ago

This is gay as hell, this game has no place on the Wii. How can you even have a serious fighting game with that controller? And no serious online functionality?

Online battles and superior controllers are enough to send this to PS3/360. Whoever made this decision is truly a jack ass.

ChickeyCantor3218d ago

Ive played the japanese version and i can say it plays like a charm.
GCN controllers are supported.

The fact people who playes it already say they loved it, makes you more of a jackass to presume it would have been " superior" on the other console.

Redempteur3218d ago

i played the japanese version ..

it's weird at first ( i choose ryu )but you can have fun with the nunchuk and wiimote combo ..

it's definitly easier to play with gamecube controllers or the classic controller ..and you can enjoy fast paced battles because the game is far from being ugly and is steady with no framedrops

iforgotmylogin3217d ago

i am buying it and so is my cousin. i dont know if that will be allot

and i hope by enough sales they dont mean street fighter IV numbers
sadly i dont see it selling more than 200k :[
but those are good numbers

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Kamikaze1353218d ago

I wonder if he cringed while saying that, lol.

indiemike3218d ago

Do you think there could be a lot of backlash? I bet there's a lot of people wanting it on 360 and PS3.

IanCube3218d ago

Haha why's that? You think he wishes it could go elsewhere?

ScottBarkman3218d ago

I'm not a fan of usual fighting games (aside from smash bros) but I have an sinking feeling not making this game multi-platform will ultimately doom the game. Not saying that Wii gamers don't want a fighting game - lately it just seems that third party developers don't know how to milk everything out of the Wii to make it a solid title.

We will have to wait and see.

IanCube3218d ago

Well the guy does say it was built entirely around and for the here's hoping he knows what he's doing.

Baka-akaB3218d ago

i'm not saying it will be eventually ported (though you gotta admit , capcom's word aint worth anything after they ported every exclusives) , but i'm a bit suspicious of the reason .

Sure it isnt a game that would exploit as is the 360/ps3/pc , and some might boycott it if ported as is and only upscaled instead of remade (though i wouldnt be among those fools) ....
However it wasnt actually originally developped for the wii , but for arcade .

Sure it's a wii based arcade machine , wich means nothing . After all wasnt tekken 6 developped on a ps3 modified for arcade ?

Anyway exclusive or not , the game deserves a big success

ChickeyCantor3218d ago

I wonder if people actually realise this was market for the japanese market only. The characters are highly popular in Japan. KIDS love these characters, adults love these characters ( from their child hood). The Wii is enough for japan.

People started to demand the game in the US and EU, only reason its coming.

tunaks13218d ago

dam right!
now all you who claim your wiis are "collecting dust" go and buy it

Baka-akaB3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Or if it runs well go for it on wii emu , with hd as a potentially nice bonus .

Dont get me wrong , i say only do it with the original purchased .

What drives me anyway is the fact that i only own ps3 ps2 and ps1 arcade sticks (hori real pro 3 ... namco arcade stick , hori real ex ...)

Whitefox7893218d ago

Well if your PS3 arcade stick has a usb cable for it you could plug it into your computer and use X-padder to make your computer use it as a controller.

Baka-akaB3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I know , that's precisely why i'll try it on the emu . And LOL at the disagree ... whoever it is , act offended , but sorry if can enjoy my wii games on pc with better effects then so be it ,my conscience is clear as long as i got both the console and the original game . Redirect your anger toward those guys with modded wii who dont pay for their games .

That's how i rolled with ps1 games at some point in time . Awesome games thus because even more potentially awesome in the process .

tunaks13218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

i dont see anything wrong with emulating it if you bought the game. I saw a video of TsVSCapc in hd running on Dolphin (on youtube) it looked really nice, but im gonna just play it on my Wii :)

ChickeyCantor3218d ago

The game will only have 3 primary buttons to attack.
=) just so you guys know

Baka-akaB3218d ago

Not a problem of buttons , just used to play fighting games on stick now .
After the game itself got it's own stick for a reason as well

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Baka-akaB3218d ago

It is a japanese animation company , rich of many old and iconic characters for both the east and the west .

Remember speed racer , Battle of the planets , tekkaman ?

TheBand1t3218d ago

Ahhh. Thanks for the clarification.

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