Apple iPhone OS 4.0 details emerge

Background app multitasking, exclusive for 3G and 3GS.

The guys over at BoyGeniusReport have recently obtained some information that Apple iPhone owners have been anticipating for quite some time. Nevertheless, they also managed to infer some software details about the company's upcoming tablet device based on the information they received.

According to sources within Apple's corporate infrastructure, the release of iPhone OS 4.0 will bring a few significant updates to the user experience that will make use of the device's capacitive multi-touch hardware abilities in more ways than have been previously available.

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MGRogue20173219d ago

No love for the iPod Touch 3G..???

I'm sure that this'll be available for iTouch too.. I mean why the hell not?

STK0263219d ago

don't worry, Apple doesn't want you and your 10$ to be left out, if not next week, it will be the week after, either way, they'll take that 10$ of yours with a smile. Oh, and let's not forget about my 10$ too!

thedarkvault3219d ago

but is it just going to be announcement with the software not being released till summer? I bet it will.

electricshadow3219d ago

The next iPhone that comes out better have a huge amount of new features. I have a 3G, but I saw no need to upgrade to the 3GS. Now, with the Droid on the market, it's attacking the iPhone head on. This will make Apple make some changes to the new one and be more competitive. Better not just be "OMG! Copy and Paste!" I could do that on my four-year-old Samsung.

reneki3219d ago

you know that copy and paste has been available for the iphone for a while now? i agree that the new phone needs to have some serious tech in it if it plans to attract me to it.

electricshadow3219d ago

Oh no, I know it has been. I'm talking about when Apple first announced it. They were so proud of it. The talked about it like it was the best thing since sliced bread.