The Tester: Cast of the First-Ever PlayStation Network Reality Series Revealed

PlayStation Blog: In September, we announced an open casting call for The Tester and the response has been tremendous. I want to thank everyone for your submissions! We heard from thousands of PlayStation fans from across the country, all eagerly vying for a spot on The Tester and a chance to compete to win a gamer's ultimate dream job – an official PlayStation game tester.

Today, I am pleased to be here on the PlayStation.Blog to introduce you to The Tester cast. In all, 11 contestants were selected for The Tester. The cast ranges in age from 22 – 36 years-old and stems from all walks of life – from a student, to a paramedic, to a used car salesman. While a seemingly diverse bunch, this group is united in the passion needed to be the next PlayStation game tester.

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euchreprof3219d ago ShowReplies(2)
meepmoopmeep3219d ago

you should have signed up Cat.

i would have but everyone hates Canadians :)

The Happy Baby3219d ago

Canadians are the scum of the earth.
Damn them with their amazing(and working) universal health care system, and their clean air ratings, and their insanely friendly residents. lol.

meepmoopmeep3219d ago

yeah, edit, my bad it's for game testing

that's not a cool job. being a gaming PR would be fun
you can really get people riled up! lol

mikeslemonade3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Well it's not your average game testing other wise they would just applied for a local job. It's probably a higher position then what you are thinking of.

I like reality TV and looking forward to this. Unfortunately most gamers only watch Anime haha!

blahgasm3219d ago

Oh, I'm sure it is the low level job everybody here thinks it is. There's no way that the winner would become a lead or a manager. Those positions require experience which is obviously something none of these people have otherwise they wouldn't be vying for a testing job determined by a reality show.

bacon133219d ago

Can't wait to not watch this. Be gone generic scripted reality show, be gone!

AKNAA3219d ago

guy#1: " Dude, I had the 1st player controller first, give it back to me now!"

guy#2: "Hey, its not my fault you had to piss..."

guy#1: " you know what.. F#@K you! I don't care, we're playing MW2 rite now so I can shot your dumba$$ between the eyes!"

Guy#2: "Bring it on B1tch!"

Oh yeah, this is gonna be an exciting tv show....

UNCyrus3219d ago

hey, at least I made the cast :)

syanara3218d ago

hows it working because all my canadian friends hate it. and I mean really hate it. they say it takes for ever to get a doctors appointment IF you can get a doctors appointment and the quality of care sucks. the doctors hate it too cause they have to jump through hoops if they want to fire someone that is preforming poorly at a hospital but of course thats alot like the education in the US right now considering the government cant do anything right. ronald reagan is mostly to blame for the education in the country.

Naucious3218d ago

i guarantee if anyone on here had the chance to do it they would, everyone's so perfect now and days lol.... N e ways it was great fun and a whole new experience for me and yes i'm part of the Cast including UNCyrus cant wait to finally watch what we created....

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edgeofblade3219d ago

This is still an awful publicity stunt. Really. Awful.

Johnny Rotten3219d ago

This is lame and what makes it more lame is that it's coming from the people who made "Rock of Love" and "The Surreal Life".

Thanks VH1 and MTV for the help in molding this generation of great minds. LOL

webeblazing3219d ago

in these hard times im not sure if they just want a job or they ten mins of fame lol

Lou Ferrigno3219d ago

ill take the latter part is what their lookin for. lol

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